Bachofen Ltd is a member of the following associations:

The Swiss Technology Network is the umbrella organisation for the various branches of industry within the Swiss technology sector. Its aim is to consolidate similar interests, pool forces and appear as a strong and unified interest group for the Swiss technology sector.       

Image titleThe Fluid Technology Organisation [Gesellschaft für Fluidtechnik, originally the Gesellschaft für angewandte Oelhydraulik und Pneumatik, or GOP] is a Swiss association of around 80 manufacturing and trading companies. It was founded back in 1971. According to statutes, the GOP is primarily aimed at promoting the shared interests of all associated member companies in the fluid technology sector. The companies incorporated into the association also seek to contribute towards the advancement of fluid technology.

The InfraWatt association was formed on 19 January 2010 to promote energy production and use from waste water, refuse, waste heat and drinking water. This specifically involves supporting the operators of purification plants, solid waste incinerators and water supplies to determine and realise economic energy potential and launch and implement energy projects to use waste heat from various energy sources.