Start your future at Bachofen

Do you want an attractive job with a good future in industry, commerce or engineering? Train at Bachofen to become a Commercial Manager, a Logistics Specialist or a Construction Designer. With an apprenticeship at our successful family company, you can lay the foundation for a promising career. Come and take a look!

Qualified young talent is the future of our industry. As a family company with a long-term strategy, we are particularly aware of this. That’s why Bachofen has always placed of great importance on training young people. Each year we train six apprentices in three different professions with enthusiasm and commitment. Our apprentices maintain a lively dialogue with each other at regular meetings in their everyday work and often beyond that. The highlight for everyone is the annual apprentice outing.

Excellent support and good reward
During the entire apprenticeship period, experienced specialists will help you learn your trade and improve your methodical, personal and social skills. We value employees who can work independently and we place the necessary trust in you to do it. Motivation and the way we treat each other are important to us as part of our firmly established, appreciative corporate culture. We count on your personal commitment and your qualities as a team player. This is why we generously reward good social conduct and excellent performance on completing the apprenticeship – the better the grades, the higher the extra bonus. We are happy to employ qualified and sociable young people in our company after their apprenticeship.

Careful work for high-tech products
As a commercial enterprise in the industrial sector, we sell high-tech products and components for industrial automation. This means our products are not just services, but physically tangible technical products. We have a very wide range of mechanical and electronic products, for example from the fields of Pneumatics, Fluid technology, Motion technology, Sensor technology and Control technology. Ultimately, our products are used in many markets with stringent requirements, for example in plants and machinery, in medical and building technology and in the transport sector. In order to guarantee the utmost quality that is necessary for these applications, we always have to work very carefully and reliably – regardless of what job we are doing.

As an EFZ-qualified commercial employee, profile E or M, specialising in services and administration, you’ll become an expert in commerce and operational logistics. During your apprenticeship at Bachofen you’ll work in a wide variety of departments, getting to know all of our administrative processes and business areas, from order processing in internal sales and bookkeeping in accounting to communication in marketing or import and export in the logistics office. You’ll also get an insight into work at reception and the switchboard. When working at our partner company Lenze Bachofen, you’ll get to know another business sector and a different organisation. In each department you’ll be looked after by a different trainer from that specialist field and will not only encounter a wide variety of activities, but also different people and their management styles. A very special highlight at the end of the first year of your apprenticeship at Bachofen is the two-week stay to practise French at our branch in Biel. You’ll live with a host family, visit a French language school for half the day and spend the other half working at our French-speaking site. Another highlight is the insight into field service, when you spend a day accompanying one of our salespeople on visits to customers

Do you want to become a commercial employee? Then apply for our apprenticeship position in Uster from 2023, preferably via the platform, or send your application documents and cover letter to

As an EFZ-qualified warehouse Logistics Specialist, you store, transport and distribute goods. As Switzerland’s largest independent trading company for industrial automation, we operate a very large warehouse with around 16,000 different items. During your apprenticeship you’ll get to know all the different areas of logistics. You’ll receive material at the incoming goods department, store it correctly, carry out stocktaking, pick items for customer orders and pack and label the goods correctly for dispatch. You record and manage all goods movements in our modern, in-house ERP system, either using a handheld scanner or directly on the computer. We also train you to drive forklifts. We provide you with safety footwear and work clothes – which you can have cleaned by our in-house laundry service.

Do you want to become a specialist in Logistics? Then apply for our apprenticeship position in Uster from 2024, preferably via the platform, or send your application documents and cover letter to

As an EFZ-qualified Construction Designer, you’ll design and draw individual parts and assemblies in three dimensions on the computer and create technical documents. Your training takes place in cooperation with the Libs training centre in the Oerlikon district of Zürich, where you’ll complete the first two years. For the specialised training in the third and fourth year, Libs will assign you to your chosen partner company if possible. The apprenticeship at Bachofen is very attractive and varied. You can help develop our complex in-house product, the Trimod'Besta level switch, work on customer-specific solutions and design requested equipment. You’ll have direct customer contact and use state-of-the-art software such as our 3D CAD, product data management and ERP systems. You can even assemble some of the solutions you have developed yourself and personally put them to practical testing. You’ll also get to know our extremely broad and varied product portfolio in daily work and in training courses.

Do you want to become an EFZ-qualified Construction Designer? The apply online to  or send your documents to:

Mr Srdjan Martic
Therese-Giehse-Strasse 6
8050 Zürich, Switzerland

Extra benefits for apprentices at Bachofen:

Eat fresh and healthy for half price
Our team at the staff canteen keep us fuelled with healthy meals. Thanks to generous subsidies from the company, our apprentices only pay half of what is already a very attractive price.

More free time than elsewhere
With a 40-hour week and 6 weeks’ annual holiday, our apprentices have more free time than many others. Up to another week off is available by working the hours in advance. You also enjoy flexible working hours during your apprenticeship.

There are many ways to get to Bachofen
Whether athletically, individually or by public transport – it’s up to you how you get here, and we offer modern changing rooms with showers, bike racks in the underground car park, our own petrol station and free parking spaces for cars and motorbikes, as well as excellent train connections with only a 10-minute walk from the station, and a bus stop just around the corner.

Modern workplaces and IT infrastructure
We want you to feel good at work, which is why our state-of-the art workplaces are ergonomically furnished in spacious, modern rooms, with adjustable desks where you can work sitting or standing as you choose. We also offer top-level digital work equipment, with advanced hardware as well as the latest practical software solutions, such as our clear and transparent business intelligence tool and our intuitive ERP system. If you don’t own your own laptop for vocational school, we’ll provide you with one, including IT support.

We pay for textbooks and inter-company courses
We pay for the textbooks that you need in vocational school. We also assume all costs for your mandatory inter-company courses, such as travel expenses, meals, support and, if necessary, accommodation.

Personal contacts – in everyday work and on special occasions
We value personal contacts across all hierarchical levels – including with our apprentices. We cultivate these contacts at mealtimes, on departmental outings, at the annual large company party, at anniversary celebrations, joint sports events or simply over a drink after work. The annual excursion for apprentices is another great opportunity to get to know each other even better.

First-class insurance and healthcare
Bachofen pays the full premiums for accident insurance and daily sickness allowance for its employees, instead of burdening them with a large part of it, as is customary elsewhere. Regardless when and where you have to fall back on your accident insurance – thanks to additional insurance you are even privately insured for non-occupational accidents anywhere in the world.
Apprenticeship application
Are you interested in one of these apprenticeships and working for Bachofen? Then apply for a trial day with us! You’ll find out what the job entails and get to know our company and the people who work here, you’ll be able to take a look at a typical day’s work, lend a hand and, of course, ask any questions you want. Send your application for a trial day by e-mail to Tell us what motivates you in a cover letter and send us your CV and school reports. If you enjoy the trial day and want to learn a trade with us, then apply for an apprenticeship. You can find details about this and the contact persons in the section on each profession. We look forward to meeting you!
Helen Mischol

Contact Business representative Uster

Helen Mischol

Apprentice Trainer

Cynthia Eisenring

Contact Logistics administrator Uster

Cynthia Eisenring

Logistics Team Leader

Sabrina Bürgi, former commercial apprentice, now working as an Administrator in the Order Processing department:

“During my commercial apprenticeship at Bachofen I was part of the team from the very first day. I always received the greatest support, my strengths were fostered and I never felt left in the lurch. It was only when I took over greater responsibility in my current position after completing my apprenticeship that I realised just how brilliantly I had been prepared for these tasks during my training. This means that I still really enjoy my work today.”
Lea Eichenberger, 1st year commercial apprentice:

“The commercial apprenticeship at Bachofen is very varied. We get to know a great many different departments, can work at partner companies and even spend time in French-speaking Biel/Bienne. I also appreciate the respectful and personal way in which we interact in the company. I felt very welcome right from the beginning, which was a great help when it came to mastering the transition from school to working life. I was a little worried about this beforehand...”
Shpatin Zulbeari, 2nd year logistics apprentice:

“There is a culture of helpfulness at Bachofen and there’s a great team spirit here. Even as an apprentice I feel like a proper member of the Logistics team. I can already work on many tasks independently and flexibly. This is not something you can take for granted in our huge warehouse and the many tasks it involves.”
Alex von Aarburg, 4th year engineering apprentice:

“It’s a great experience to be part of a project as an engineering apprentice from start to finish – in particular when the result is a product that you can hold in your hands and install yourself. These makes my decisions during the project tangible in the true meaning of the word and I can learn a lot from this. In addition, it’s been really good for my self-confidence that I was taken seriously and asked for my opinion right from the beginning. The discussions and feedback are always really useful.”