Due to the current developments around COVID-19 we would like to inform you about the measures at the Bachofen Group.

We support the measures taken by the Swiss Confederation and are doing our part in a spirit of solidarity and responsibility to ensure that we all return to an orderly daily routine as quickly as possible.

The health of our employees, our customers and business partners is an absolute priority for us. On the basis of our assessment of the situation, we have taken various organisational and personnel measures to ensure that our operations and key processes can be safeguarded.

Rules of conduct
Our employees are clearly instructed to comply with federal regulations and are regularly informed about the hygiene measures communicated by the Federal Office of Public Health. The Bachofen Group provides all the necessary resources for this.

Home Office
Wherever possible, our employees will increasingly work in the home office. Thanks to our modern IT infrastructure, you as a customer will feel little or nothing of this. Your contact persons will continue to be there for you as usual.

Supply chain
The Bachofen AG has introduced appropriate measures to bridge possible bottlenecks by means of early orders and sufficient stocks and to generally ensure the readiness for delivery.

Although we are in close contact with our customers, technology partners and suppliers, it is to be expected that the current dynamics will lead to disruptions in the supply chain.

We recommend that you keep a sufficiently large stock. We continuously evaluate the supply situation and do our utmost to keep any disruptions as low as possible and, if necessary, to inform and react as quickly as possible.

Information on orders
If you have specific questions about individual orders, please contact the administrative officer listed in the order confirmation.

Physical Meetings
In order to minimize the risk of infection, we will focus internally and externally on the most important physical meetings and, alternatively, we will conduct them primarily by means of telephone or web conferences.

We are closely monitoring the development of the situation on a daily basis so that we can react to changes as quickly as possible. We are convinced that with our precautions we can and will be able to meet the challenges in the best possible way and continue to provide the accustomed quality of our services.

Status: 23.03.2020