Safety technology

With Bachofen’s innovative safety systems you can provide safety and anti-trap protection wherever people and objects are at risk from automatically controlled movements.

Bachofen offers an extensive range of tactile sensors such as pressure-sensitive safety mats, safety edges and safety bumpers and the accompanying safety relays. Give your staff and machinery additional protection with our safety light curtains, lockout switches, emergency stop switches and Duo-Touch two-hand controls. We offer maximum flexibility and short delivery times for our safety edges assembled in-house and for customer-specific solutions.

Use our relay with positively driven contacts to connect and monitor load and monitoring circuits in safety controls. They feature high diagnostic coverage and maximum reliability and are used for a variety of applications in mechanical and plant engineering, process engineering and medical devices, lift controls or rail technology.

Thanks to our safety engineering technology partners Banner, Duelco, Elesta, Hans & Jos. KRONENBERG, BACO, SNC and Mayser, Bachofen offers a comprehensive product range and excellent availability.