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For successful solutions you need technical know-how and high-quality products.

We have both: broad and deep expert knowledge of our components and their sector-specific applications as well as an excellent range of products.We will be happy to help you with the planning, development and delivery of sophisticated equipment and complex systems and supply you with tested and certified components on time. Thanks to our quality management, we offer process quality and reliability along the entire supply chain and help you with the necessary documentation and to comply with the relevant standards. We are convinced that working with you we will find and implement the best solution.


  • Compliance with the required standards and guidelines in the area of hygiene, safety, environment
  • Standard components matched to customer requirements
  • Long lifetime thanks to high-quality materials
  • Custom-made products: multifunctional, space-saving, user-friendly, ready to install
  • Guaranteed safety thanks to ATEX approvals

Product examples

Application examples  

  • In cleanroom environments, ISO3/ISO5-certified robots which are not only fast, precise and compact but are also resistant to aggressive sterilising agents and are easy to maintain are used.
  • Certified plug-in connectors and leak-free coupling systems ensure maximum purity with connections for air, liquids and inert gases.
  • The overflow protection in laboratory diagnostic machines is provided in a contactless and contamination-free manner by capacitive sensors.
  • Use of light and particularly compact miniature guides in pipetting machines or other laboratory equipment; the caged ball technology ensures extremely low particulate emissions with significantly increased permission load and service life.
  • Reduction in energy consumption by optimising the process temperatures with heat exchangers, for example when cooling rollers for making chocolate.
Michael Kaufmann

Head of OEM + Export Sales

Michael Kaufmann