Devices and Modules

With three sites in Switzerland and excellent availability of first-class components, we are the perfect partner for allowing you to focus on developing innovative devices and modules.

With our expertise in designing and selecting the appropriate components and processes that work perfectly, we can design and deliver equipment of the very highest quality. You can rely on our specific expertise and our passion for our work at all times. Our sales engineers, who have experience of specific sectors, and a team of highly qualified product managers form a highly skilled unit for delivering comprehensive advice and perfect solutions. Thanks to our technology partners with a global presence and the extensive range of products we offer, we can work with you to come up with solutions which, depending on the particular application, will comprise prefabricated or specifically modified components. The resulting reduction in the number of suppliers and level of complexity is another benefit for you.


  • Swift and solutions-oriented support for your developments
  • Targeted reduction in complexity
  • Preassembled customer-specific functional units
  • Flexible solutions specifically for compact devices
  • Decentralised data collection and control of plant parts and assemblies

Product examples

Application examples:

  • Protocol-independent communication between different devices and modules within a plant
  • Motion technology for feed systems, pick-and-place machines, materials-handling technology, packaging, warehousing and logistics.
  • Solenoid valves and heat exchangers are used to control the various circuits in temperature control units - as components or customer-specific assemblies.
  • Customer-specific assemblies for controlling gases in vacuum applications
  • In lift construction, the unwanted opening of the doors is prevented by means of safety switches with positive actuation and guard locking
Michael Kaufmann

Head of OEM + Export Sales

Michael Kaufmann