Machines and installations

Machines and installations are complex systems. So that you can focus on the bigger picture, we help you with the details, namely in selecting the appropriate components. 

Together we develop innovative solutions to improve the competitiveness of your products in a lasting way. Thanks to our network of partners, you and your customers benefit from the global availability of spare parts.
You can rely on us: Thanks to an extensive range of high-quality components and the options for prefabrication in the case of assemblies, you can reduce your number of suppliers and decrease the level of complexity at the same time.


  • Reduced start-up and training times thanks to user-friendly controls
  • Individual solutions and ready-to-install assemblies
  • I/O-link components and robotics for integration into intelligent systems
  • Sensor technology from one source for versatile uses
  • Reduction in support costs thanks to remote maintenance

Product examples

Application examples:

  • Troubleshooting for machines and systems by remote maintenance over the internet
  • Motion technology in traditional mechanical engineering and special machinery construction using ball screws and linear guides - with or without caged ball technology
  • The control of the operating medium by valve blocks and hydraulic units is performed reliably by means of automatic drives and valves.
  • Cooling of die-casting machines by specifically adapted heat exchangers
  • Securing danger zones on machines, robots, driverless transport systems and facilities with different safety components.
Michael Kaufmann

Head of OEM + Export Sales

Michael Kaufmann