With our technical expertise we are the strong partner by your side.

We see you through the challenges of automotive construction so that you can focus on developing innovative solutions. We offer you advice that is tailored to your needs in the choice of components so that you can always provide the optimum result for your customers. You can also procure assemblies that encompass different technologies and are assembled beforehand by superbly trained employees and checked for quality from us directly and thus reduce the level of complexity considerably. It is only possible to support you flexibly with your requests if, in addition to technical know-how, you are also familiar with the standards and regulations in automotive construction. The process quality and reliability along the entire supply chain is guaranteed here. Thanks to our stores in Switzerland and our online shop, we can quickly deliver to you directly and without any hassle.


  • Compliance with the relevant automotive engineering standards
  • Adherence to the protection classes for the required use
  • Safety systems provide comprehensive and lasting protection
  • Certified components for mobile outdoor use
  • Components that are resistant to corrosion, vibration, shocks, extreme temperatures, wear and tear

Product examples

Application examples:

  • Door securing systems secure the entry and exit area on buses and trains used for public transport.
  • IP67-certified command equipment is fitted in cleaning vehicles used in the municipal sector.
  • Fitting the fire pumps of water tenders with shut-off valves and automatic valves
  • The emptying of the water tank on trains is controlled via a customer specific valve assembly and meets the requirements in relation to special voltages, the temperature range and vibration.
  • Robust cylinders and valve combinations for the extendible underride protection on commercial vehicles
Michael Kaufmann

Head of OEM + Export Sales

Michael Kaufmann