Chemical, pharmaceutical, medical technology, food

With our global market leading network of technology partners, we have an extensive range of high-quality products for the processing industry.

Whether it is the chemical, pharmaceutical or food industry, we are happy to help you with sizing and optimizing your installations. As well as offering advice and distributing standard products, we devise solutions for you that are tailored precisely to meet your requirements and the applicable standards. All of our efforts are targeted at further enhancing the safety and stability of your processes. This allows you to achieve continuous increases in productivity.


  • Durable components for challenging conditions
  • Simple validation
  • Preventive maintenance thanks to optimised control technology
  • Optimised process management using RFID systems
  • Compliance with the highest purity requirements

Product examples

Application examples

  • Management of shelf lives and cleaning intervals for various products and intermediates by means of RFID identification systems
  • Maximum control and easy maintenance through the use of coded connection technology in the process industry
  • Use of lebel measurement in explosive area
  • Optimum monitoring and control of temperature and moisture in greenhouses using wireless communication
  • Metered addition of gases, vapours and liquid media in a wide range of different processes by accurate and reliable sliding gate valves
Andreas Bachmann

Head of Sales / Member of the Executive Board

Andreas Bachmann