Energy, water, waste, infrastructure

Thanks to our comprehensive application know-how and our overall understanding of your plant facilities, we know the challenges that you as a plant operator have to contend with every single day.

We work with you to tackle them. Our experts advise you on any modifications and expansions and help you with commissioning on site. We do of course speak German, French, Italian and English so that we can understand exactly what you want and find the perfect solution. High availability of spare parts reduces your downtimes to the best extent possible and ensures that operations proceed smoothly. This lowers operating costs and boosts your productivity.


  • Plan for tomorrow’s environmental requirements in an economic way today
  • Deliver public service in a responsible way with sustainable solutions for the future
  • System solutions thanks to interdisciplinary expertise in pneumatics, fluid control and automation
  • Applications in the most challenging environmental conditions (outside / -40°C)
  • Reduction in energy consumption

Product examples

Application examples

  • Browser-based, mobile access to infrastructure facilities by remote maintenance
  • In drinking water treatment water parameters such as the pH are monitored easily and reliably by means of wireless technology.
  • Pneumatic drives and valves also with explosion protection for the toughest environmental conditions, for example valve controllers in wastewater cleaning plants or dusty environments
  • High-precision control of the supply of oxygen by means of sliding gate valves in the aeration tank of wastewater cleaning plants
  • Heat exchangers enable the recovery of heat
Andreas Bachmann

Head of Sales / Member of the Executive Board

Andreas Bachmann