A flexible allrounder for gateway logging: the new IXXAT® cannector from HMS Networks

As building automation advances, demands on the network structures are increasing. Communication between different systems and devices can be hampered by different bit rates and protocols. With the new CANnector Ixxat gateway generation, HMS Networks brings maximum flexibility to network organisation in intelligent buildings.

When designing network structures in buildings, engineers and planners are faced with a variety of challenges. For example, sub-networks have to be created within larger buildings or connections have to be made over longer distances. Applications like this used to require several gateways, loggers or bridges. Now all you need to expand an existing CAN network is a single device that still has flexible connections and combines a large number of functions: a new all-rounder called the CANnector, which is part of the Ixxat range from HMS Networks.

Netzwerktechnologie der unbegrenzten Möglichkeiten

Network technology with unlimited possibilities
HMS is a pioneer of CAN technology and with the CANnector, it has added a device with even more interfaces and functionality as well as a logging function to its existing Ixxat® CAN@net NT and CANbridge NT series. At the same time, the CANnector is compatible with the many Ixxat CAN@net NT and CANbridge NT devices that are already in use. The new CANnector works stand-alone and does not need a PC for normal operation. In addition to the generic types, three preconfigured variants are available:

  • CANnector Range: can be used as a simple way of extending the range of the CAN via Ethernet or as a CAN interface to the PC via Ethernet. Potential uses: Overcoming longer distances, for example from one floor to another.


  • CANnector Bridge: Frame- and signal-based CAN bridge/gateway with powerful functions such as online floating point data manipulation for all bus systems. Potential uses: Collecting all frequency converters at one point and local processing of data.


  • CANnector Log: Data logger with trigger and ring buffer as well as low-power sleep mode with “Wake-Up on CAN” for logging CAN data. With the “Wake-up on CAN” function combined with the option of switching off the TX function on the CAN buses, the device is also suitable for environments where power and safety are critical.
Ixxat® CAN@net NT- und CANbridge NT Serie

Powerful and versatile

The CANnector is based on a powerful Linux platform which makes it ideal for complex applications. Data can be processed directly on the device. Support for bus description files allows operation on the signal level. In its maximum configuration, the CANnector supports up to eight CAN (FD) interfaces as well as two LIN, two digital IOs, EtherCAT slave, Ethernet and USB. The EtherCAT slave interface consists of an HMS Anybus module, which means it can support other industrial Ethernet protocols in future. USB extensions such as WLAN/WiFi and Bluetooth are also optionally available.

System manufacturers wanting to use CAN technologies from HMS to implement flexible and future-proof building automation solutions need look no further than Bachofen. We can provide you with the entire Ixxat CAN range and the expert advice you need to make confident decisions.

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Area of application

  • Building networks and many other possible uses

  • Intelligent gateway from CAN to EtherCAT

  • IIoT / MQTT and OPC/UA

  • Cloud-based CAN data management

All in one

  • Range extension, bridge/gateway and data logger in a single device

  • Pre-configured and ready to go

  • Up to 8 CAN connections

  • Simple drag & drop configuration

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