Accident prevention: it pays to play safe

Whether driverless or not, vehicles pose a hidden accident risk as soon as they are in motion. Increasing levels of automation also elevate this risk. Modern safety technology provided by Mayser significantly lowers the risk of accidents and ensures compliance with the statutory personal protection regulations.

Occupational safety in industrial environments is multifaceted. Preventing accidents to persons takes top billing. These may have tragic human consequences and cause costly material damage. The fact that the legislator is weighing in heavily is also an indicator that occupational safety may not be being taken seriously enough. EN ISO 13894 and EN ISO 13856 are the governing standards.

Comprehensive safety expertise

Reason and prudent management dictates that a company should rely on professional and proven solutions when it comes to safety technology. Bachofen’s technology partner, Mayser, ranks among the leading suppliers in the tactile and non-touch safety and protection system sector. The company is well versed in safety-related issues in industry and produces a wide range of systems and products for the protection of people and material assets.

Effective impact protection with safety bumper

One of the applications of Mayser’s safety bumpers is collision protection in driverless transport systems (DTS). The active impact cushions are made of soft foam with a polyurethane skin and have a safety cut-out. In the event of an impact, the safety bumper protects individuals from injury and prevents objects from being damaged.

Mayser and Bachofen — rendering individual integrated solutions safe together

Safety bumpers is an example of the many proven and innovative safety components that Mayser offers. Bachofen will provide you with advice and support during the development of an integrated occupational safety concept that complies with the law and is tailored to your company’s specific requirements.


Mayser safety technology for public transport applications
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Areas of application

  • Driverless transport systems

  • Collision protection in driverless transportation vehicles

  • Mobile components on transport equipment

  • Shearing and trapping edges on moving components

  • Surface protection on driverless vehicles (DTS)

Safe values for personal and object protection

  • High protection rating up to IP67

  • Standard(s) EN ISO 13849 and/or EN ISO 13856

  • Robust, maintenance-free system design

  • Resistant to environmental influences and impacts from chemicals in general use

  • Reliable operation, even in dirty environments

  • Type-tested

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