Avoiding disaster: the TN-R42TC-EX RFID write/read head from Turck

Faulty connections in the hose station can become a nightmare for pharmaceutical, chemical and food producers. Reliable monitoring of hose connections, ideally with RFID, is clearly a necessity. The new TN-R42TC-EX read/write head from Turck sends the identification data of the connected hose to the control system, which will only approve the process if all the hoses are correctly connected.

Not long ago, a well-known food manufacturer in Germany had a nasty surprise. After nitric acid accidentally got into a tank of sodium hydroxide during cleaning work, the company only narrowly avoided a poison gas disaster. This was by no means an isolated case. At any company, inadequate monitoring of the hose connections can have unforeseeable consequences for people and the production infrastructure. RFID can eliminate the risk. That is because in an RFID-monitored system, the control system can only start the delivery pump once it has detected that all hoses are correctly connected.

RFID to ensure process reliability

There are good reasons why RFID is one of the most popular identification technologies used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food sectors. The benefits of RFID systems range from serialisation to guarantee complete traceability, to increasing and safeguarding product quality through seamless identification and documentation, to improving plant safety and ensuring personal protection. In this context, automated and tamper-proof monitoring of the process-oriented allocation of devices is of key importance.

TN-R42TC-EX read/write head approved for ATEX Zone 1/21

Monitoring of hose connections is particularly crucial when flammable substances are regularly handled and pumped at hose stations. In this case, not just any read/write head can be used. Instead, only devices can be used that are suitable and certified for this challenging environment: such as the new TN-R42TC-EX read/write head from Bachofen’s technology partner Turck. This is currently the only product on the market with which RFID applications up to and including ATEX Zone 1/21 can also be implemented in the high frequency (HF) range.

Capable of communication with practically all protocols

The modularity offered by Turck opens up a variety of connection options with the appropriate interface: in a retrofit project using older protocols such as Profibus, DeviceNet, Modbus RTU or CANopen, or in new systems using common Ethernet-based protocols such as PROFINET, EthernetIP, Modbus TCP or EtherCAT. The data can also be transferred directly to an MES or ERP system via OPC UA. Naturally, Bachofen also supplies the appropriate data media.

Mechanical and plant engineers who want a safely monitored hose station will find the right connection at Bachofen, thanks to expert advice and support based on technical know-how.


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Areas of application

  • Hose stations and U-pipe distributors in pharmaceutical, chemical and food production

  • Tank farms

  • Monitoring of tri-clamp connections

  • User identification and authorisation management

  • Mobile pumps and mobile tanks

Safely connected

  • Approval for ATEX Zone 1/21

  • V2A stainless steel housing and liquid crystal polymer front cap

  • Permanently legible laser-engraved nameplate

  • Ex e terminal chamber with tension springs

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