Cool complete solutions: with plate heat exchangers from Alfa Laval

Even the best heat exchanger will not do unless the overall system is properly designed. With Bachofen and Alfa Laval, building services engineers benefit twice over. Not only do they get a product that sets new standards for heat transfer, but they can also rely on Bachofen to provide the ideal design for the project.

Building services planners and HVAC system designers are constantly faced with the challenge of developing energy-saving heating and cooling solutions: for public buildings, commercial properties, apartment complexes or entire industrial plants. Each time, they must find the heat exchangers which best meet the specific requirements of the project. But in addition to choosing the most suitable system for the dimensions of the project, it has to be properly designed. A heat exchanger will only provide the performance expected of it if the calculations based on the planned application are correct.

System and design from a single source

Clever planners and system developers choose a partner who can offer what naturally belongs together: the right system and the required design expertise. Whether it’s pleasantly warm or cool interiors, ideal temperatures in data centres, heating for swimming pools or other heating and cooling applications, the new T Series from Alfa Laval and Bachofen provides the best possible basis for cool complete solutions.


The heat exchanger reinvented