Dynamic control: cutting-edge valve technology does the job

In systems of the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry, valves need to fulfil stringent requirements with regard to control and dynamics. The high level of expectations when it comes to control quality are unequalled in other sectors. Factors such as ATEX requirements and often very narrow spaces for installation are also of importance.

A key element in applications in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals industry is often the media to be controlled, such as vapour and heat transfer oil, which require reliable and maintenance-free control solutions. For more demanding or aggressive media, valves are available in special materials such as Hastelloy, Monel, titanium and duplex steels, and also at pressure ratings from PN10 to PN160.

Technical support, «made in Switzerland»

For Bachofen, as the Swiss partner of Schubert & Salzer Control Systems GmbH, valve technology does not start with the product, but rather with the in-depth examination of the process requirement. The specific examination provides the course of the product evaluation, in order that the users will receive an optimum and measurably improved solution.

Innovative valve technology «made in Germany»

Schubert & Salzer Control Systems GmbH, the specialist in control and regulating valves, understands the processes in the chemicals and pharmaceuticals sector. It produces a wide range of valves for regulating and locking purposes for use with liquid, gaseous and vaporous media, whether electrically or pneumatically controlled. Strict quality controls ensure highly accurate and exactly replicable processes.

Position regulator

Optical stroke indicator


Valve spindle

Sliding gate functional unit

Valve housing

(stainless steel, C-steel, Hastelloy, Monel etc.)

Valve columns

Diaphragm actuator


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Areas of application

  • Energy field, such as heating and cooling circuits with heat transfer oils

  • Regulation of steam supply systems and their users

  • Use in sterilisers and autoclaves

  • Procedure-based processes for the manufacture of chemicals and pharmaceutical products

  • Low-wear, therefore extremely long service life

  • Lightweight thanks to compact construction

  • High dynamics thanks to short stroke and intelligent position regulators

  • Ten-fold reduction in energy requirements compared with conventional control systems

  • Precise resolution/rangeability, up to 120:1

  • Generally suitable for use with gaseous and liquid media

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