Focus on Building technology

State-of-the-art building management

Developers, architects, planners and building contractors all agree: modern buildings are highly energy efficient, extensively automated, networked and a safe place to live and work. Implementing these requirements in practical applications is, however, becoming increasingly more complex. Building management is developing into an elite discipline.

Digitisation and automation offer more and more worthwhile possibilities in building planning and building maintenance. At the top of the list of priorities is the networking of building service systems, which have recently started to be linked up with industrial plants. Flexibility in building services is particularly sought after in industrial buildings.

Where intelligent district heating networks and precise control over media supply systems can make a significant contribution to protecting the environment and increasing efficiency. Modern building facades are highly automated, living organisms, which raises various questions, including issues about personal safety. Plant investment protection is therefore also an important subject, with “predictive maintenance” now the order of the day.

Professional building management requires a cooperative system of hardware and software. Bachofen can help to harmonise this to bring the greatest benefit, thanks to reliable components and advice based on in-depth industry knowledge.

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Strong partners for building technology

Intelligent solutions for smart buildings

In modern building management, two factors are crucial for efficient maintenance and operational safety: one of them is intelligent networking of the building systems, and the other is the hardware. You can only enjoy the benefits of digitalisation if you can also rely on the physical components of the system. Convincing solutions are required in both these areas.

When creating and operating buildings, planners, building services engineers, plant engineers and facility managers are confronted by many different requirements that must be professionally dealt with. Energy efficiency and environmental compatibility are high on the list of priorities. Steadily advancing automation is another key topic that deserves due attention. And above all there is the question of costs, which can cause heated discussions.

A strong partner like Bachofen can make a significant contribution towards creating the smart building of the future with a solid foundation for its operation and maintenance: with state-of-the-art automation and communication technology, high-precision sensors and measuring equipment and other systems to improve operational efficiency.

Added Value for market success

Strong partners for building technology