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Convenience makes life easier

What has been familiar for a long time in the food sector has now become established in other areas as well. Products that make life easier are very popular. Why should the idea of convenience not include mechanical engineering? And convenience features heavily in many products at Bachofen.

In the engineering and construction of machines, designers and technicians are confronted with a variety of complex issues. How can the specific wishes and requirements of customers and operators be satisfied? How do you make aspects such as automation, dimensioning, energy consumption, reliability or service and maintenance a proper objective? Where is there potential for improvement and how can it be achieved?

In view of these major challenges, it is good news that there are solutions at the technical component level that simplify work and alleviate time pressure. These are either sophisticated or simply well designed. The innovations we describe in this newsletter show exactly what we mean.

Discover how products and solutions designed for convenience can spare you and your customers from unnecessary work. And by talking to your Bachofen specialist you will soon discover that we are the right partner for the complex tasks in mechanical and plant engineering.

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Strong partners for machines, installations, equipment and machine tools

Sustainable solutions are increasingly in demand

Sustainability may be an overused buzzword. However, the fact remains that your customers are increasingly being challenged to produce in sustainable ways. As a mechanical engineer and plant designer, it is in your power to improve the environmental compatibility of the production equipment you manufacture. Bachofen provides you with the appropriate products and solutions.

Bachofen technology partners have recognised the signs of the times: Their research and development departments are working hard to answer the question of how to make production processes more sustainable. This is not just for reasons of environmental compatibility but also economics, since sustainable production also means profitable production.

From the variety of technical options currently available for sustainable production, we have selected a number of products and solutions from our current range that deserve your attention for two reasons: They do not require significant investments and they can be implemented quickly and easily. It’s that simple to implement sustainability with Bachofen.

Added value for your market success:

Strong partners for machines, installations, equipment and machine tools

Good is never good enough

Technical progress in machine components is characterised by constant steps forward in terms of innovation which increases product performance, reliability and benefits. Some current highlights from the Bachofen product range show that Bachofen’s technology partners never stand still. However, Bachofen itself is also always striving to make life easier for its customers.

Make good things better – that’s the motto of the Bachofen technology partners. Whether it’s ATEX compatibility or ingenious assembly technology, or precision measurement from a distance or a marked increase in performance in motion technology: technical progress never stands still. This is ever-present throughout the Bachofen product range. And it contributes significantly to keeping users competitive.

Fulfilling stringent safety requirements is an issue that plant and machine manufacturers cannot avoid. Protection against accidents and injuries is given top priority in the industrial environment. A large number of safety components with a wide range of functions are used to ensure this. This makes procurement costly. Sourcing all aspects of safety technology from a single supplier is a much easier option. Bachofen makes this possible.

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Strong partners for machines, systems and machine tools

Smart solutions – more sought after than ever before

Networking and the ability to communicate are fundamental aspects of fluid technology. However, there are also traditional products that further increase the reliability and operational safety of machines and systems thanks to continuous improvement. Smart solutions are the way forward. Custom-made by Bachofen.

Digitization has brought about a spectacular quantum leap in progress when it comes to fluid technology. Smart components and the integrated networking of systems simplify configuration and programming and pave the way to predictive maintenance. The future of almost zero interruptions has already become the reality.

Not quite as spectacular, but just as effective is the ongoing optimisation of mechanical and electromechanical components that play a key role in the functioning, durability and user-friendliness of fluid technology systems.

With Bachofen you are guaranteed a cutting-edge product every time – regardless of its function and purpose – and you will receive an impressive solution, even in specialist areas such as high-temperature applications. As your procurement partner, we help you to make smart decisions. As your engineering partner, we play an active role in your developments and contribute to enhancing your capacity for innovation. And that is precisely how we are able to exist together, even under the most challenging of conditions.

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Strong partners for machines, systems and machine tools

The world of mechanical engineering is on the move

Due to the potential of the IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) and as a result of the rapid establishment of the new 5G mobile telephony standard in Switzerland, the pace of technical development in the industrial sector is increasing more rapidly all of the time. Machine manufacturers who are able to keep track of the latest developments will be able to tap into significant opportunities that are waiting to be utilized.

In the mechanical engineering sector, the extremely high transfer rates on G5 networks and the reduction in the response time and latency respectively to around one millisecond are triggering an upsurge of innovation, the like of which we could never have dreamt of before. Integrated networking in real time turns a machine into a highly smart system, which, when combined with engineering know-how, massively increases production safety and efficiency. By utilising smart technology, you will be taking a decisive step when it comes to helping your customers achieve success in competitive markets.

The quantum leap in communication technologies is having a direct effect on the demands now being made of automation components and systems. These are now becoming smarter and more multi-functional and, depending on the application, may even be required to prove themselves in harsh environments. Whatever the situation, it is always a matter of enhancing the operational reliability of machines and moving closer to the aim of ensuring they are capable of operating for long periods without maintenance.

Not only does Bachofen supply the mechanical engineering sector with state-of-the-art components, but it also provides expertise in automation that is consistently in line with the latest trends, so that machine manufacturers keep their eyes on the ball and are able to utilise the latest technical advances to enhance their competitiveness.

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