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Compliance need to be a worry

The food and pharmaceutical industries have one thing in common. They are highly regulated and constant under the eye of the law and other official bodies. Process reliability is one of the aspects that plays a key part in meeting these requirements. This is where Bachofen comes in.

The laws and regulations for the production and processing of food and beverages fill entire books. In addition, producers must undergo regular checks by the local authorities. Lawmakers also have a significant say in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. In both industries, GMP is a mandatory requirement for production.

Despite the tight regulatory framework, both these sectors are extremely economically successful and enjoy an excellent reputation at home and abroad, thanks to their dynamism and innovation. But also because they have their processes under control.

With great expertise in both these industries, Bachofen can significantly help improve safety and efficiency in production as a partner for automation technology, for example with GMP-compliant precision components and application-specific know-how.

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