Focus on Medical technology

Sector focus on medical technology: Automation in demanding framework conditions

Manufacturers of machines and systems for applications in medical technology must comply with the national and international stipulations of the regulators. The development and approval conditions are strict and create clear guidelines for engineering.

In addition to standards-based quality audits, there is a need for documentation. Traceability must also be guaranteed. These prerequisites also affect the procurement of technical components.

Ideally, you work with a partner who is familiar with the sector-specific and regulatory conditions. Bachofen guarantees that the products and solutions for medical technology are compatible with the application-specific regulations and standards.

You have a contact person at Bachofen who understands your business and provides competent support for you in the procurement process, for both standard and custom-made products. You therefore receive technical support when selecting the optimal components for the automation of your medical device or its system.

Added Value for market success

Strong partners for medical technology

Resilience and market strenght through innovation

Although the current conditions for Swiss medtech companies are challenging, the sector is showing that it is more than able to hold steady in the face of this headwind. It is fully embracing innovation and investing heavily in research and development. That is certainly a reason to be confident.

Digitization and automation in medical and laboratory technology are taking huge leaps forward. Due to the current circumstances, producers of medicines and medical devices, as well as research labs, are being forced to rely as never before on innovative solutions from the area of medical technology to increase productivity and efficiency.

That is good news for the medtech sector. With your innovative capabilities and digitization know-how, you are driving forward progress and making a significant contribution to the competitiveness of your customers.

Our role is to save you the long-winded and tedious research involved in evaluating automation components and physical parts. We guarantee the quality, reliability, regulatory conformity and on-time delivery of everything we offer, allowing you to focus completely on your core areas of expertise.

Added Value for market success

Strong partners for medical technology