Fully automated and precise brix measurement: the IRM-11 refractometer from Anderson-Negele

Ongoing measurement and control activities for drinks – the mixing ratio of water and concentrated juice, for example – are essential for constant control and for the quality of the product. Measuring this by hand demands an enormous amount of effort. The IRM-11 refractometer from Anderson-Negele performs fully-automated measurements: permanently and with utmost precision.

With manual measurement, not only is quality assurance in drinks production time-consuming, it is also patchy. In many companies, measurements are performed every 20 minutes. The IRM-11 refractometer from Anderson-Negele guarantees permanent quality control, records results and makes adjustments, at two-second intervals. The use of this device therefore brings about savings in terms of time and wages of approximately one man-hour per shift. There is also significant potential for savings as a result of the precise dosing of the concentrate being fed in, e.g. in the case of soft drinks, as excessive dosages will waste a lot of expensive concentrate. Doing away with manual measurements and automating the measuring process is also essential to ensuring profitability.

Diverse applications in drinks production

With the IRM-11 refractometer, the concentration of substances such as sugar, salt and lactose within liquids can be precisely monitored. Possible applications include determining the mixing ratio of drinks, juices and soft drinks or the dry matter in milk products. The device also brings about significant increases in efficiency in the production of alcoholic drinks: during the measurement of the mash concentration, the original wort and the alcohol content downstream of the fermenter in breweries and during the measurement of sugar and alcohol content in wineries.

Impressive optical measuring principle

The differing densities caused by fluctuating concentrations within liquids can be detected using the refractive index, i.e. the proportion of dissolved substances within a liquid. The IRM-11 refractometer operates on the basis of this principle. The integrated LED light source emits a beam of light into the liquid. The device analyses the refractive index, which varies in accordance with density, using its smart receiver array. The IRM-11 is temperature-compensated and delivers a precise output signal, even when faced with temperature fluctuations. In terms of measurement units, the user can choose from Brix, Plato, nD and other custom scales.

As Anderson-Negele’s Swiss distribution partner, Bachofen is best placed to provide you with more in-depth information and to inform you of the possible applications for the IRM-11 refractometer. You can count on us to be fully committed to meeting your needs and to support you during the integration of the device.


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Areas of application

  • Production of juices and mixed drinks

  • Measurement of mash concentration and wort and identification of alcohol content in breweries

  • Continuous measurement of sugar and alcohol content in the production of wines and distillates

  • Measurement of the dry matter when producing milk products

Demonstrably more efficient

  • Continuous measurements for quality assurance

  • Hygienic and fully food safe

  • Temperature-compensated measurement

  • Compact design

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