Super-high pressure for boiler cleaning thanks to Bachofen modules

The initial situation

The Power Wave Generators from P-Wave generate a supersonic pressure wave in a pressure chamber using compressed air and deflagration of propane, effectively cleaning even the tiniest ash particles in the boiler. The powerful devices are composed of various control and drive components, which are painstakingly assembled in-house by P-Wave. This is a classic scenario for an efficient module solution from Bachofen.

Pressure regulator and valve boards control
the generation of supersonic
pressure waves for boiler cleaning.
Detailed view of the precise pressure regulation for boiler cleaning processes.
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Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

With the provision of individual components such as solenoid valves and manometers, Bachofen has long been one of P-Wave’s main suppliers. The design and development team now has the opportunity to demonstrate their engineering expertise with valve blocks. The Bachofen engineers delve into the issue, exchange ideas intensively with the designers at P-Wave and present various solution options. The result is a comprehensive solution that integrates solenoid valves, manometers and ball valves into ready-to-install PWG boards. Compressed air is controlled centrally via CPR boards using, pressure regulators. The module solution from Bachofen also makes it possible to remedy previous problems with seal tightness.

«Bachofen's solution-oriented interest in our product and the high technical expertise of the Bachofen consultants have convinced us.»

Tobias Mettler, Managing Director of P-Wave- Developer

The customer

With its patented Power Wave technology for generating super-high pressure, the Swiss specialist company P-Wave is revolutionising boiler cleaning in refuse incineration plants and coal power plants.

Technology partner

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