Personal protection with Mayser

The initial situation

The special-purpose machine for laser engraving developed by Elwitec has a man-sized portal, which closes downwards horizontally using an automatic control system. Safety measures are required to prevent hazards at this pinch point. Extensive personal safety requirements apply for a special-purpose machine of this type. Due to the door’s regular up and down movement, the cable for the pinch protection sensors needs to be designed for a high cadence of switch cycles.

The Mayser safety edge ensures accidents to personnel are prevented at the special-purpose machine.

Project requirements

Bachofen's solution

There was barely a week between project commencement and installing the safety edge. The safety technology team familiarised themselves with Elwitec’s construction profile and collaboratively defined the correct profile and cable for the safety measures. Bachofen’s renowned, simple style was also shown in the full and direct delivery from the warehouse combined with the on-site assembly. Bachofen’s solution means that an obstacle is detected, a signal sent to the appropriate control system, which stops the movement and so ensures safety to personnel at the special-purpose machine.

«We implemented this project in absolute record time. Everything ran smoothly and without hitches – just as it has always worked at Bachofen.»

Kok Sue Hueynh, Mechanical Engineer- Developer

The customer

Elwitec GmbH produces special-purpose machinery, control technology and conveyor belts. The company manages projects from initial conception to service provision.

Technology partner