Advanced technology in the realm of the dinosaurs: plant engineering company Entreprise du Gaz

How does an ordinary technical company in the public sector become a dynamic regional leader in the fields of heating, sanitation and drinking water management? The Porrentruy-based company Entreprise du Gaz S.A. has shown the way.

In the historic Jura town of Porrentruy and its surroundings, the dinosaurs have left unmistakable traces. But in the long run they had no future, and at the end of the Cretaceous period they disappeared from the earth. Some 66 million years later, the same could have happened to the gasworks and waterworks of the Jura town of Porrentruy.

End of the city’s gas era

Founded in 1904, Entreprise du Gaz was in charge of the gas and water supply for Porrentruy. But in the 1970s, gas plants throughout Switzerland were facing a major shift from a polluting town gas supply based on wood, coal or petrol to more environmentally friendly natural gas. This meant that gas production in Porrentruy was on the brink of extinction. If «gaz», as it is still affectionately called today, had not diversified into heating and sanitary installations some 15 years earlier, it would probably have shared the same fate as the dinosaurs.

Diversification and growth

In recent decades, Entreprise du Gaz S.A. has developed from a local Porrentruy-based industrial company into a modern and efficient company active in the fields of heating, cooling, sanitary installations, industrial piping systems and drinking water management. «Gaz» has long since extended its operating radius far beyond Porrentruy and the neighbouring communities, and today occupies the leading market position in the Jura Arc. In the fields of industrial plants, district heating networks and water supply, it has established itself as the number one provider in the region.

Unbeatable as a quality and service champion

Customers from industry, the real estate sector and the public sector not only appreciate the high level of expertise of the company’s system planners and installers, but also the excellent service: Technicians from the service team are available around the clock, 365 days a year. «Our recipe for success is quality, reliability and absolute adherence to deadlines,» says CEO Marcel Meyer. This is exactly what he expects from his supply partners.

Entreprise du Gaz S.A.
Transair® compressed air distribution system
Entreprise du Gaz S.A.
Marcel Meyer, CEO

Entreprise du Gaz and Bachofen on the same track

With the Transair® compressed air distribution system from Parker for a major installation at an important industrial customer of Entreprise du Gaz, Bachofen met the company’s high quality standards: The Transair® brand stands for safety, lightweight components and problem-free assembly. Bachofen also impressed with its excellent service: The material was stored ready for use Bachofen’s warehouse and could be called up by the Entreprise du Gaz fitters as required. Marcel Meyer: «We were and continue to be completely satisfied with Bachofen, especially with the expert advice, the short response times and the timely delivery. The price-performance ratio is also right. »

And how does the CEO see the future? «Those who do not think ahead will – sooner or later die out – like the dinosaurs. As part of our five-year strategy, we anticipate the customer needs of tomorrow and respond to them with innovative solutions. »

«The ability of our suppliers to deliver is enormously important for us and the price also plays a role, because we are often under cost pressure. We see Bachofen as a highly respectable and fair procurement partner at pricing level, with whom we have the guarantee that the quality is right. »

Marcel Meyer, CEO

Entreprise du Gaz S.A., Porrentruy

Planning and installation of heating and sanitary systems of all sizes in the Jura region, distribution of drinking water in the town of Porrentruy, and control of drinking water quality in neighbouring municipalities: Entreprise du Gaz S.A. emerged from the former gas and water works of Porrentruy and, in addition to its activities in the heating and sanitary business fields, still performs the function of municipal utility. The company pursues a clear growth strategy based on the cornerstones of quality and customer proximity.


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