Shining a light on assembly processes: the pick-to-light solution from Banner

Making mistakes is human. Even the most reliable employee can make mistakes during commissioning and those mistakes can cause the installation process to stall, affecting productivity. Using a Pick-to-Light system is therefore an investment that will pay off. Especially, if it is made by Banner, a technology leader.

Picking the correct part from the right container and placing it into the correct box shouldn’t really be rocket science. And yet errors do still occur, as the task has to be performed quickly and the operating personnel’s attention can decrease over time. Added to this is the fact whenever personnel changes take place, new employees need to be instructed and trained. These and other factors, such as quality assurance, for example, provide a clear justification for automating the commissioning and assembly process to the greatest possible extent.

Controlling up to 58 PTL110 modules

If your aim is to do everything you can to ensure process certainty, efficiency and versatility, the Pick-to-Light solution from Banner will be ideal for you. With this system, you can use up to 58 PTL110-type indicators and control modules. Assembly instructions and commissioning tasks can be created and administered – the possibilities are practically endless. This opens up a wide spectrum of applications that covers all needs. The Pick-to-Light Solution Kit from Banner contains a DXM controller, a touch screen and a direct connection for PTL110 devices.

Configuration is simple and no programming is required

Commissioning the control and the PTL110 modules is simple, user-friendly and does not require any specific programming skills. Configuration can be carried out in just a few steps on the user interface, which forms the heart of the Pick-to-Light solution. The PTL110-modules are connected to the DXM control via Modbus. Communication takes place via the system-specific protocol PICK-IQ™. By pressing the capacitive key or by using hand recognition, this protocol provides an assurance that the module or the operator action will be identified rapidly.

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