So nothing flares up in production: TSM temperature sensor from Anderson Negele

Process reliability is the top priority in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Disruptions affect producers’ ability to supply and can damage their reputation. Much depends on the reliability and precision of the measurement technology. For temperature monitoring, you can absolutely rely on the new TSM temperature sensor from Anderson-Negele.

Inaccurate temperature measurement or failure of measuring systems in process plants in the food and pharmaceutical industries can have dire consequences. Production comes to a standstill and may have to be interrupted. Products are lost, leading to costs for disposing of them. Customer relations can also be damaged if delivery agreements cannot be met. Ultimately, the manufacturer’s competitiveness is at stake.

Hygienic, precise and robust measuring technology

Bachofen’s technology partner Anderson-Negele is one of the leading providers of hygienic sensor and measurement technology. The company has always specialised in developing precision devices for use in the food and beverage industry, in dairies and breweries and in the pharmaceutical industry. Among its most important products are its temperature sensors, all of which are made of chrome steel in a one-piece design and function perfectly even in the most adverse conditions. They withstand being sprayed with water and aggressive cleaning foam without damage and are also suitable for use on outdoor tanks that are exposed to wind and weather.

Innovative flex hybrid technology: the best of both worlds

The TSM temperature sensor is the latest addition to the Anderson-Negele family. When developing this precision component, the company brought together the best of two worlds with the newly developed flex hybrid technology: The two IO-Link bus interfaces and the 4–20 mA output signal are permanently available. This means that data can be transferred digitally and analogue or in parallel via both interfaces. The flexibility of the TSM type is also shown by the fact that all common process connections can be used, including Tri-Clamp, Varivent, CLEANadapt, ESP-PHARMadapt, Ingold (fermenter), 3/8” union nut, G1/2” and G1/4”.

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Freely configurable for a wide range of uses

The new TSM temperature sensor covers a wide temperature range and is much more temperature-resistant than current models. It can be quickly and easily configured using supplier-independent software via IO-Link. In combination with a hybrid transmitter, it can also be easily installed in older systems thanks to its modular design.

The expansion of the Anderson-Negele sensor range is one more reason to work with Bachofen and get expert, industry-specific help in finding solutions for GMP-compliant precision measurement technology.

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Areas of application

  • Process monitoring in food and pharmaceutical production

  • Measurement at high process temperatures

  • Use in harsh ambient conditions (water and foam cleaning)

Measurably better

  • Outstanding measuring accuracy: <± 0.1 °C

  • Wide process temperature range: -200 to 400 °C

  • Very high ambient temperature resistance: 90 °C

  • Hybrid technology with IO-Link and 4–20 mA in parallel

  • IP69K for maximum protection

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