Wireless vehicle identification: miniature guardians

Installing sensors for vehicle identification doesn’t have to mean digging trenches and laying cabling. Banner’s wireless alarms are smaller than a hockey puck, can be sunk into the floor with minimal construction work and function reliably and securely without cables.

Sensors for identifying vehicles at loading ramps, entrances, exits and other critical locations prevent backlogs, trigger alarms if there is a problem and ensure a smooth logistical workflow. There is very limited space in such areas to install sensors, however. With conventional systems, cables to transmit the signals have to be laid in floors and through walls, significantly increasing costs and interrupting operations. Wireless sensors keep expenses to a minimum.

A sensor only 63 mm across

The M-GAGE wireless sensor from Banner is round. To install it, you only have to drill a hole in the floor 63 mm in diameter, which it will fit into without any problem. Its sensitivity and scan frequency are configured such that it is able to identify vehicles faultlessly and trigger the designated actions promptly.

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Reliable technology without sensitivity to weather

The M-GAGE system is primarily designed for vehicle identification from ground level. It is ideally suited for use outdoors, and will not be confused by changeable weather conditions. The recognition technology is based on 3-axis magnetic resistance. It registers changes in the earth’s magnetic field when a metallic mass is nearby. The sensor compensates for the slight fluctuations in the earth’s magnetic field while it is inactive. Power consumption is minimal: the built-in battery has a lifespan of 5 years.

The wireless alternatives for interior spaces

Alongside M-GAGE, Banner is also developing wireless sensors for a multitude of other applications. For example, ultrasonic sensors that can be mounted on the ceiling, which can identify occupied spaces in parking garages.

In order to find a vehicle identification solution tailored specifically to your needs even under difficult local conditions, you need to get on the wire to Bachofen. We can provide you with a comprehensive, personalised consultation regarding the latest Banner technologies.


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Areas of application

  • Controlled access to loading ramps and lorry loading docks

  • Automated opening of doors and barriers

  • Identification of vehicles approaching parking spaces

  • Identification of empty spaces in parking garages

The kind of thing that gets discerning users going

  • Simple installation without the hassle of cabling

  • Floor coverings and walls preserved thanks to minimally invasive mounting

  • Long-life internal battery

  • Can be paired with Banner radar, if necessary

  • Works reliably even in harsh conditions

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