Bachofen –
The group which sets things in motion.

Our combination of high-quality industrial components and extensive services means that the Bachofen Group is your perfect partner.

The Bachofen Group is a family-owned company with a long-term commitment, today represented by the third generation. The core activity of the group comprises two operational companies with Bachofen AG and Lenze Bachofen AG concentrating on the markets in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. The own brand Trimod’Besta exports their products to international niche markets.


Quality and cutting-edge technology in market performance in the broad area of indus­trial automation are the hallmarks of our business. Service activities substantially broaden our product differentiation.

Strategic Orientation of the Bachofen Group

As an independent company the Bachofen Group intends to widen and intensify its presence in the fields of industrial automation in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. In-house generated technical solutions will help to open and penetrate further geographical niche markets on an international basis.

Market Positioning

Our strong market position is based on outstanding market performance consisting of flawless quality combined with technical, commercial and logistics services tailored to the needs of our clients. Through the continuous development of our market position, emphasis on innovation and productivity we assure our competitiveness and ability to attract highly qualified staff. We lay claim to uncompromising integrity, accountability and professionalism.

Binding and Bonding Values

We stand by our commitments. We intend to more than meet expectations. That’s how we win and keep the trust of all our partners. If we don’t succeed, we accept responsibility.

The unique character of the independent Bachofen Group relates to the association of high level, technolgical components and systems with technical, commercial and logistic services as requested by the customers.

  • Established in 1945

  • Headquarters: Uster

  • Management: Daniel Bachofen

Facts and figures

Net sales: 70 Mio. CHF

Staff: approx. 130

Trainees: 7

Equity Ratio: 91%

Audit: OBT AG, Zurich

Consolidation: Swiss GAAP FER

Body of Shareholders: Family

No. of Board Members: 5

of which 3 independent and external

Sites: Uster, Biel/Bienne, St. Sulpice