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Heat exchangers

Bachofen offers customised solutions and optimum support for your heating or cooling application in the industrial and building services sector.

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100% stainless steel

Heat exchangers at Bachofen

With Bachofen as a partner you benefit twice over, because we’re familiar with the technical aspects of your applications. Our knowledge of the engineer and installer processes for the installation of plate heat exchangers guarantees optimum operation and a long lifetime; because trouble-free operation depends on the right design and precise calculations. We support you in all processes while offering the best solutions for plate heat exchangers – whether they are brazed, gasketed or in 100% stainless steel.

Bachofen works closely with Alfa Laval, a global market leader in heat exchangers, to give you the optimum price-performance ratio, the best delivery times and seamless synergy between maintenance, service life and energy efficiency for your solutions.

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