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Specialist knowledge is crucial to your success. Our global network also gives us access to an extensive range of high-quality products.

Medical technology, chemical, pharmaceutical, food industry – and Bachofen. Together we are a perfect team. Both in the planning and development of complex systems and in the dimensioning and optimisation of existing production systems. In addition to personal advice and the sale of top-class standard products, we develop solutions for you that are precisely tailored to your requirements and the applicable standards. What we want: Safety and stability for your processes. We act quickly, clearly and in a straightforward manner. We deliver tested, certified components on time, support you with the necessary documents and create unique process quality through our professional quality management. Rely on our expert knowledge and on our commitment.

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Reference projects

Cleanroom specialist SKAN – a shining example in isolator construction

There is barely any other industry that places such high demands on its suppliers as the pharmaceutical industry. Equipment partners who want to be active in this market have to be more than system manufacturers. At SKAN AG, the scientists have an influential say.

«Our motto of always being one step ahead together also applies to the collaboration with our supply partners. Bachofen supports us with technical know-how in the development of future-oriented solutions.»

Matthias Hauber, Project Manager Industry at SKAN AG- Developer

CHF 60,000 per year saved by using the right sealing heads

The service life of the new sealing heads is six times longer than that of the old models.

«We received competent and uncomplicated advice. We are very satisfied with the solution.»

Patrick Marquis, Head of Maintenance Wahlenstrasse, Ricola AG- Developer

Estavayer lait SA dairy: a prime example of food safety

Hygiene is the top priority in the food and beverage industry. ELSA, a dairy belonging to the Migros Group, uses the most modern CIP systems to clean its plants. This means that there are particular demands placed on the valve technology.

“We have found Bachofen to be a flexible, fully committed partner who won us over with their long-term cost-benefit calculations of a CIP solution with Schubert & Salzer valves.”

Nicolas Roulin, Head of System Maintenance at Estavayer Lait SA- Developer

When the chemistry is right – sensor systems in compliance with standarts.

Bachofen was not only highly familiar with the required standards, but also listened to the details of the customer’s demands. Consequently, it was possible to supply a set of matching sensors for obligatory tests within the shortest possible time.

Product categories

Bachofen is your competent partner for a wide range of applications in industrial automation. Benefit from the experience and expertise of our employees – we are happy to advise you personally.

Motion technology

Durchflussmessgerät auf weissem Hintergrund

Measurement / Process technology

Remote I/O Systeme

Control technology

Valves and solenoid valves

Kunststoffrohre und Verschraubungen

Fluid connectors


Hygienic measurement technology

Focus topics and technologies

Concrete application examples

In cleanroom environments, ISO3/ISO5-certified robots which are not only fast, precise and compact but are also resistant to aggressive sterilising agents and are easy to maintain are used.

The overflow protection in laboratory diagnostic machines is provided in a contactless and contamination-free manner by capacitive sensors.

Certified plug-in connectors and leak-free coupling systems ensure maximum purity with connections for air, liquids and inert gases.

Use of light and particularly compact miniature guides in pipetting machines or other laboratory equipment; the caged ball technology ensures extremely low particulate emissions with significantly increased permission load and service life.

Reduction in energy consumption by optimising the process temperatures with heat exchangers, for example when cooling rollers for making chocolate.

Management of shelf lives and cleaning intervals for various products and intermediates by means of RFID identification systems.

Maximum control and easy maintenance through the use of coded connection technology in the process industry.

Use of lebel measurement in explosive area.

Optimum monitoring and control of temperature and moisture in greenhouses using wireless communication.

Metered addition of gases, vapours and liquid media in a wide range of different processes by accurate and reliable sliding gate valves.

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