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Machines, systems and equipment – Bachofen supports you in the development of your complex systems. We support the entire process from kick-off to market maturity and are also on hand at all times during series production.

We want you to be able to concentrate on the big picture. That’s why we take care of every detail and select the appropriate components for your machines, systems and equipment. Together we develop innovative solutions to sustainably improve the competitiveness of your products. Thanks to an extensive range of high-quality components and the possibilities of pre-assembly, you reduce both the number of your suppliers and also your complexity. We focus on processes which function flawlessly, and design and implement solutions of the very highest quality. Our industry-experienced customer advisors and a team of highly qualified technicians form a competent unit for comprehensive, personal advice.

At the same time, you enjoy fast and direct access to our webshop. Whatever you need. In a complex process and in an intensive cooperation you have to be flexible. Bachofen has perfected this and – whether prefabricated or customised – always offers precisely the components you require.

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Reference projects

Asic Robotics: Open to every customer request

There are numerous ways to position a high-tech company in a challenging market environment. The main reason for the success of special machine builder Asic Robotics is that it does almost everything in its own unique way.

«Every day, we are driven by the desire to remain competitive, offering the best possible solutions, including in terms of price. Through innovation, perseverance and passion, we always manage to outperform the competition.»

Milo Gasser CEO Asic Robotics AG- Developer

Regloplas temperature control units are a hot tip – worldwide

The renowned manufacturer of temperature control units has a clear ambition: Regloplas strives for technology leadership. The way to achieve this is through continuous innovation based on ingenuity and over 50 years of experience.

«We are professionals when it comes to developing temperature control units. We pick up specific technical know-how from our specialised supply partners. We expect them to support our development processes with their ideas.»

Simon Kiebler, Head of Technical Purchasing, Regloplas AG- Developer

Uncompromising precision in production with Precitrame

Striving for the highest precision is, so to speak, in the genes of Precitrame Machines SA. It all started with the production of blanks for watches. Today, the company sets the precision standards in CNC transfer technology worldwide.

«We searched for a long time for a convincing solution for the precise path detection of the tool slides. With the Li-Q17 inductive linear position sensor from Turck, Bachofen provides us with a product that fully meets our complex requirements.»

Daniel Kunz, Head of Research, Precitrame Machines SA- Developer

Plant construction and engineering from SPE Tech – what else?

As a company specialising in sustainable process and energy plants, SPE Tech AG focuses on customer proximity, flexibility and customer-specific solutions. These qualities also won over the producer of the most famous capsule in the world.

“In addition to the technical know-how and flexibility of our supply partners, the price also plays a decisive role in a successful collaboration. As a matter of principle, we work with a small number of suppliers that we know well.”

Adrian Brunner, Senior Project Manager SPE Tech AG- Developer

Mikron turns to partnership as a recipe for success

Close cooperation with suppliers has always been one of Mikron’s most important business principles. In an increasingly

“The golden days, when success simply fell into the lap of Swiss industry, are definitely over. We have to work harder than ever to satisfy our customers. So, we need suppliers who are willing to go the extra mile with us.”

Jean-François Bauer, Head of Marketing & Business Development, Mikron Automation- Developer

Family buisness RMC Tableaux SA has automation in its DNA

“Anything that moves can be automated”: this is the guiding principle behind the work carried out by RMC Tableaux SA, demonstrating that the range of applications for the automation solutions of this family-owned company knows no bounds.

«The wide range of products that Bachofen has to offer suits us extremely well and gives us many options to choose from. Their excellent technical support also makes it much easier for us to find solutions.»

Hugo Jungo, Managing Director of RMC Tableaux SA- Developer

Avery Dennison Materials Europe keeps its finger on the pulse in the world of adhesives

There are few technical achievements from the Stone Age that are more indispensable than ever today, and will continue to be so in the future. One of these is adhesives. In this domain, Avery Dennison is making innovation history in the 21st century.

«The service competence of our partners is a top priority. With Bachofen, we have the security of knowing that if a problem arises, they will begin working on a solution immediately. We simply cannot afford plant standstills.»

René Kremer, Plant Engineer at Avery Dennison Materials Europe GmbH- Developer

Sylvac Precision measurement technology – streets ahead with digitalisation

Digitalisation is the hot new topic of the moment. Some companies, however, have been living in the digital age for a while now. These include Sylvac SA, a family-owned company specialising in future-oriented measurement technology.

“We need our suppliers to help us remain competitive today and in the future. With Bachofen, we value the broad technical expertise, the specific specialist knowledge and the high level of responsiveness.”

Eric Schnyder, Managing Director of Sylvac SA- Developer

Drive specialist Rollstar takes torque to the extrme

An automotive gearbox creates a torque of around 500 Newton metres. A planetary gearbox from Rollstar takes this up to 6.5 million. That’s enough to drill a hole through the Gotthard or save the Tower of Pisa.

“One of Rollstar’s most important business principles is to offer the customer an all-round service. This is an attitude we have also observed at Bachofen. For years, we have found Bachofen to be an open, trustworthy and flexible partner.”

Christian Märki, Purchasing Manager and Member of the Extended Executive Board of Rollstar AG- Developer

Building insulation is a hot topic: Swisspor keeps it tight

Energy transition, CO2 reduction, 2,000-watt society – in the field of building insulation, much has already been achieved on the way to the highest possible energy efficiency. Not least thanks to advanced insulation technology from swisspor.

“Bachofen doesn’t just sell us valves and other products, but approaches us with questions. This dialogue allows us to reach solutions that create added value in the form of efficiency and durability.”

Darko Paunovic, TS technician at swisspor Romandie SA- Developer

Willemin-Macodel: trendsetter in machine tool construcion

“Frontiers are there to be crossed.” With this as its guiding principle, Willemin-Macodel has catapulted itself into a leading position in the global machining systems market. It consistently outdoes itself in terms of precision, performance and the ability to deal with complexity.

“As an innovative company, we need to constantly ask the question, ‘what can we improve and how?’ Bachofen is one of the suppliers who always help us find the right answers with their new ideas and technical input.”

Oliver Haegeli, Co-CEO Willemin-Macodel SA- Developer

Modularity as a success factor: pick-and-place-expert Aatec

Standard or tailor-made? For machine manufacturer AATEC SA, the two are not mutually exclusive. The company, which specialises in pick-and-place systems, cleverly combines both of these approaches and is constantly surprising the markets with its innovations.

“Anyone who is committed to continuous innovation needs partners who identify potential for improvement in manufacturing processes and actively participate in the development of innovative solutions. Partners like Bachofen.”

Jean-Claude Rohrer, Managing Director of AATEC SA- Developer

Hulling made easy: with efficient technology from Bühler

When it comes to producing high-quality delicacies and healthy on-trend products from oat flakes, the technology company Bühler AG likes to roll its sleeves up and get involved. One of the important modules used in this process is the MHSA huller: a high-performance device that separates the oat kernel from the chaff with maximum precision.

“Bachofen took care of the ATEX certification of the linear position sensor despite the small order quantity. That’s what we call partnership. Other providers wouldn’t or couldn’t help us in this matter.”

Vincent Behrens, Project Manager at Bühler AG- Developer

Record holder in its niche: special machinery manufacturer Zubler Handling

There are companies that take advantage of every opportunity that arises in the market. Zubler Handling AG does not belong in this category. The special purpose machine manufacturer has focused consistently on its core competencies for years. With lasting success.

«Bachofen provides us with technical support and is strongly committed to the availability of our preferred THK components. This gives us the strength to meet the high expectations of our customers.»

Remo Müller, Manager of Manufacturing/Purchasing at Zubler Handling AG- Developer

The wish for accurate control is fulfilled!

Bachofen’s specialists have hit the nail on the head with the sliding gate valve 8038 from Schubert & Salzer. The valve performs well in the four biological treatment basins, with an accurate control of oxygen content, an electric motor drive and its compact, space-saving intermediate flange.

«The sliding gate valve has allowed us to finally achieve the accuracy of control we have long desired.»

Hanspeter Holzer, Operations Manager, Rietwiesen Wastewater Treatment Plant- Developer

Big data with EWON – the interface makes it possible

Bachofen is a specialist in remote maintenance and IIoT solutions. With its in-depth knowledge of the IIoT gateway from HMS Ewon, we are able to quickly interpret the customer requirements.

«The fact that the right connection option was found quickly simplifies the whole process. »

Ronny Wyss, Head of Digitalization & Automation of ASCO Kohlensäure AG- Developer

Personal protection with Mayser

The special-purpose machine for laser engraving developed by Elwitec has a man-sized portal, which closes downwards horizontally using an automatic control system. Safety measures are required to prevent hazards at this pinch point. Extensive personal safety requirements apply for a special-purpose machine of this type. Due to the door’s regular up and down movement, the cable for the pinch protection sensors needs to be designed for a high cadence of switch cycles.

«We implemented this project in absolute record time. Everything ran smoothly and without hitches – just as it has always worked at Bachofen.»

Kok Sue Hueynh, Mechanical Engineer, Elwitec GmbH- Developer

Mechanical engineering profits from technology consultancy

It soon came clear to Fleury SA’s engineers that the desired improvement could be obtained by replacing the existing satellite roller screw, specifically with a THK brand ball screw drive.

"Bachofen’s product specialists were able to provide excellent support to our development team. This helped us to quickly achieve our goal."

Dominik Isler, Managing Director of Fleury SA- Developer

Reduce procurement costs with significantly better illumination

It transpired that an ATEX Zone 2 Approval was sufficient. The technical details check performed by our specialists showed that the HLS27 complies with all standards, conformities and ATEX directives.

«We were particularly impressed by Mr Fuchs’ specialist knowledge of explosion protection. His understanding is above and beyond that of the average supplier.»

Philipp Bruhin, Head of Electrical department, Pamasol Willi Mäder AG- Developer

The fully automated laboratory is reality: liquid handling with Andrew Alliance

Pipetting is one of the most monotonous tasks in research laboratories, so it makes sense to automate these processes. Andrew Alliance SA is a leading innovator in this specialist field and is breaking new ground with articulated robots.

«Initially, Bachofen was just one of our many suppliers. But during our cooperation we soon noticed significant differences that manifested themselves in the proximity, availability, speed and professionalism of the Bachofen team.»

Julien Pache, Production manager, Andrew Alliance SA- Developer

Sustainable success through continuity: modern insulation with Sager

Many companies’ histories swing between euphoric growth and sobering setbacks. Sager AG is an exception to this. Since its foundation, the insulation specialist has set its store by continuity. And that includes its relationships with suppliers.

«Bachofen doesn't fob us off with standard products. Instead, the product specialists who work with us listen to our ideas and develop solutions that are precisely tailored to our application – reliably, capably and quickly.»

Marc Loosli, Head of Maintenance at Sager AG- Developer

Remote-controlled disposal logistics: Hunkeler keeps on going

Recycling rates are increasing worldwide. It may be happening at different speeds, but the trend is clearly towards the circular economy. This all means that the recycling sector is growing. The Swiss company Hunkeler Systeme AG is a major player in the industry.

«It’s great when a supplier responds to our needs as quickly and expertly as Bachofen does. And the technical support is also excellent, especially when working with our software and electrical department.»

Philippe Basler, Deputy Head of Software and Electronics- Developer

Product categories

Bachofen is your competent partner for a wide range of applications in industrial auto-mation. Benefit from the experience and expertise of our employees – we are happy to advise you personally.

Motion technology

Druckmessgerät auf weissem Hintergrund

Measurement / Process technology

5/6-Achsen Roboter


Induktiver Sensor auf weissem Hintergrund

Sensor technology


Safety technology

Fernwartungsgerät / Datengateway

Control technology

Valves and solenoid valves

Fluid connectors

Fluidtechnik Baugruppen

Customer-specific solutions

Focus topics and technologies

Concrete application examples

Troubleshooting for machines and systems by remote maintenance over the internet.

The control of the operating medium by valve blocks and hydraulic units is performed reliably by means of automatic drives and valves.

Securing danger zones on machines, robots, driverless transport systems and facilities with different safety components.

Motion technology in traditional mechanical engineering and special machinery construction using ball screws and linear guides – with or without caged ball technology.

Cooling of die-casting machines by specifically adapted heat exchangers.

Protocol-independent communication between different devices and modules within a plant.

Solenoid valves and heat exchangers are used to control the various circuits in temperature control units – as components or customer-specific assemblies.

In lift construction, the unwanted opening of the doors is prevented by means of safety switches with positive actuation and guard locking.

Motion technology for feed systems, pick-and-place machines, materials-handling technology, packaging, warehousing and logistics.

Customer-specific assemblies for controlling gases in vacuum applications.

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