Connection technology for air, liquids and gases

Our fluid connection technology products use unique technical solutions to guarantee a high level of safety.

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Rotary joints



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Technical tubing and hose

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Druckluft Verteilsystem

Compressed air distribution system


Fluid connectors at Bachofen

Our fluid connection technology products use unique technical solutions to guarantee a high level of safety.

The right solution for every requirement: our extensive range includes a wide variety of Parker Legris push-in fittings, tubes, fittings and function fittings, Parker Rectus quick couplings and the Transair® compressed air installation system.

The Legris range offers the full spectrum of high-quality products: plug-in connectors and function fittings manufactured from polymer or nickel-plated brass, Liquifit for liquids, stainless steel connectors for aggressive media, ball valves, throttle valves, tubing and blowguns. These can be supplied with FDA, EG 1935/2004 or medical approval if required. You will certainly benefit from Legris’ long experience in connection technology. The plug-in connectors of the Transair® flexible compressed air installation system give you significant advantages for the installation, maintenance and extension of compressed air distribution.

The offer is also enhanced by the equally comprehensive range of Rectus, the leading manufacturer of quick couplings. This comprises a variety of single- or double shut-off couplings and minimum-leakage couplings manufactured from nickel-plated brass. You can choose between INOX 316L and plastic.

We will be happy to provide you with personal, professional and expert advice to help you find the optimum solution.

Technology partners in the area of fluid connection

Reference projects

Advanced technology in the realm of the dinosaurs: plant engineering company Entreprise du Gaz

How does an ordinary technical company in the public sector become a dynamic regional leader in the fields of heating, sanitation and drinking water management? The Porrentruy-based company Entreprise du Gaz S.A. has shown the way.

«The ability of our suppliers to deliver is enormously important for us and the price also plays a role, because we are often under cost pressure. We see Bachofen as a highly respectable and fair procurement partner at pricing level, with whom we have the guarantee that the quality is right. »

Marcel Meyer, CEO, Entreprise du Gaz S.A.- Developer

Entreprise du Gaz S.A.

Asic Robotics: Open to every customer request

There are numerous ways to position a high-tech company in a challenging market environment. The main reason for the success of special machine builder Asic Robotics is that it does almost everything in its own unique way.

«Every day, we are driven by the desire to remain competitive, offering the best possible solutions, including in terms of price. Through innovation, perseverance and passion, we always manage to outperform the competition.»

Milo Gasser CEO Asic Robotics AG- Developer

Wäsche-Perle's full service irons things out for the hospitality industry

Successful hotel and restaurant businesses in the Bernese Oberland/Central Switzerland region do everything in their power to spoil their guests. Doing the laundry doesn’t come into it. They leave this to the specialists at Wäsche-Perle, giving them time to focus on the essentials.

“I thought it was great that the Bachofen consultant came to see us several times during the facility expansion to make sure that everything was going well during the installation of the Transair compressed air distribution system. Now our technician has the system perfectly under control.”

Lukas Röthlisberger, Managing Director of Wäsche-Perle AG- Developer

CHF 60,000 per year saved by using the right sealing heads

The service life of the new sealing heads is six times longer than that of the old models.

«We received competent and uncomplicated advice. We are very satisfied with the solution.»

Patrick Marquis, Head of Maintenance Wahlenstrasse, Ricola AG- Developer

Tailwind for Bernmobil: compressed air by the kilometre

Bernmobil shines, with its punctuality, reliability and safety. The maintenance of the vehicle fleet plays a key role in this. With a comprehensive refurbishment of the compressed air system, the company has brought its workshops in line with the state of the art. And all this without interrupting operations.

“If building services equipment such as the compressed air supply needs to be replaced during ongoing operations, good coordination is essential. Bachofen’s flexibility was a significant factor in our ability to execute this complex renovation project on time.”

Michael Tièche, Head of Facility Management at Bernmobil- Developer

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