IIoT Solutions with IO-Link

A new industry standard is gaining ground: lO-Link. The standard set out in IEC 61131-9 enables machinery manufacturers and plant operators to implement IIoT concepts without placing a primary focus on addressing high investment risks, manufacturer dependencies or compatibility issues.

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IO Link Technologie

Fill product delivery

IO-Link capacitive sensors (Turck)

The digitised process value means that even minor product deviations are detected, for example for when carrying out level monitoring. When changing products, altered settings are transmitted directly from the controller, making calibration unnecessary on the devices in the field

Sterilisation and cleaning

IO-Link inductive conductivity meters (Anderson-Negele)

Used to check the concentration of acids and alkalis when cleaning supply and return lines, as well as monitoring the product/product-specific software and manufacturer-specific adapters not required. When a device is replaced, the configuration is transferred using the IO-Link interface


IO-Link flow sensors (EGE, Turck)

Along with the flow information, the temperature value is transmitted directly to the controller, for example as additional quality control


IO-Link temperature and pressure sensors (Turck, Barksdale)

Less sensitive to interference and fewer error sources compared to analogue signal transmission, resulting in measurements that are more accurate

Product feed

IO-Link inductive couplers (Turck)
Wear-free power transmission and IO-Link communication, for example in the hub of a filling carousel


IO-Link HF RFID readers (Turck)
Format part identification by simply connecting the read-write head using the IO-Link prevents errors such as incorrect combinations of parts when retooling or changing products


IO-Link encoders (Turck)
For the most inexpensive absolute position detection on the filling carousel


IO-Link Moduflex valve terminals (Parker)
Integration of the controller for pneumatic processes within the machine into the IO-Link system

Capping and labelling

IO-Link I/O hubs (Turck)
Significant cost savings and fewer error sources due to simplified wiring via the I/O hubs


IO-Link inductive sensors (Turck)
The intelligence of the IO-Link inductive sensor simplifies control tasks and allows temperature and wear data to be recorded for predictive maintenance


IO-Link optical and laser sensors (Banner)
Capping check and predictive maintenance of the optical sensor itself using IO-Link


IO-Link linear position sensors (Turck)
Position detection during changes of product, format or packaging can be easily reparameterised by means of the controller, additional diagnostic information can be called up using the contactless position sensor


IO-Link ultrasonic sensors (Turck)
Level control can be easily reparameterised by means of the controller for product or format changes


IO-Link control cabinet monitor (Turck)
Monitors various parameters in the control cabinet (temperature, humidity, door) and reduces multiple items of sensor information to a digital control input

The communication interface for the sensors and actuators features no fieldbus-specific functions and, as an industry standard, is compatible with many manufacturer’ products. It enables digital, continuous and bidirectional communication from the controller to the field device. This allows the intelligence of the increasing number of devices equipped with microprocessors to be exploited. Identification data, parameters and diagnostic data are available.

IO-Link at Bachofen

The number of IO-Link-capable products in Bachofen’s portfolio has also increased significantly in recent years. They include IO-Link sensor, switching, measuring and process technology at the device level, and IO-Link-capable fieldbus technology at the master level. Bachofen advises OEMs and plant operators and provides them with the right components both for designing new IO-Link automation systems and for updating existing systems with IO-Link.

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