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Industry 4.0 reflected in smart buildings

Digitalisation is also taking giant steps forward in building technology and the construction sector. Planning and construction processes and building maintenance are set to change rapidly. A smart, fully networked building is no longer merely a vision, but a realistic objective.

The way in which architects, planners, building contractors and facility managers now think has changed compared to even a few years ago. The lines between architecture and building technology are becoming increasingly blurred.

For example, the development of energy concepts is integrated in building planning from the outset. Photovoltaics and geothermal energy are transforming residential buildings, office buildings and factories into energy producers. Smart building shells control the energy balance and assume an air-conditioning role. The systems for media supply are able to communicate and are largely automated. Industry 4.0 is even finding its way into technical fire safety.

At Bachofen, you can find a wide variety of smart solutions for building automation. Together with our technology partners, we offer you support in the development of and integral networking solutions for monitoring, control and regulation systems. For energy efficiency, safety and comfort.

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