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Added value through safety and innovation

Reliability and operational safety of industrial systems have a direct impact on users’ competitiveness. Breakdowns lead to costs and damage to reputation. The ability to innovate is another central competitive factor. OEMs have the potential to help their customers advance on both levels.

Developers and manufacturers of machines and plants, devices and assemblies lay the tracks for their customers’ market success. Intelligent procurement decisions make a significant contribution to ensuring that everything moves in the right direction. For example, in terms of safety, machine visualisation, sensor accuracy and reliability of connection technology all play an important role.

On the other hand, when it comes to innovation, opportunities and chances to digitise take priority. Each step in this direction brings the vision of comprehensive and universal networking (Industry 4.0) that little bit closer. In this field, OT/IT connection and the development of sub-fieldbus networks under one single IP address are just some of the latest technical achievements.

The third driver of added value is cooperative partnership with Bachofen. This begins with the provision of well-supported bases for decisions, which meet both your safety needs and your calls for innovative solutions.

Added Value for market success

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