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Mobilisation for safety and reliability

In the current hype around the digitalisation of industrial manufacture, the significance of hardware has somewhat faded into the background. But in vehicle technology especially, the quality of the physical components also determines the functionality and service life of transport systems. Those who neglect them are left behind.

Rail vehicles, buses, commercial and special vehicles, agricultural machinery and other means of transport with high demands are investments with a long-term range of use. In this area too, the integration of intelligent and communication-capable subsystems is in full swing. But if the hardware isnʼt up to scratch, the drive towards a digital future stutters.

Vehicle technology has to prove itself under extremely demanding conditions. Intensive long-term stresses and occasionally extreme weather conditions are the norm. Physical components are becoming increasingly intelligent; however, they must also meet tangible requirement criteria such as robustness, durability and resilience.

With Bachofen as a procurement partner, vehicle operators and mechanics are moving into the fast lane. They are able to open up the throttle with high-quality components and subsystems that work safely and reliably for a long time and under extreme conditions. Digitally networked and physically super fit.

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