Special solutions

Specific requirements for linear technology require tailor-made solutions. Thanks to our close cooperation with the renowned manufacturer HSB Automation, Bachofen is always the right choice when it comes to linear technology. The variety of linear units available from Bachofen’s technology partner as standard covers a wide range of applications. If a custom solution is required, Bachofen pulls out all the stops to make sure that the wishes and requirements of the customer are met. The HSB Automation brand guarantees the quality, precision and durability of the product. The technical expertise and sound advice offered by Bachofen ensure that users get exactly what they need.

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HSB Catalog special solutions

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Modified standard units

Optimise your application with modified standard units

Double stroke units

Flexible solutions for short installation lengths

Multiple units

Versatile multiple units: Flexibility via connecting individual modules

Heavy duty linear units

Customised steel linear units to meet individual needs in industrial automation

Linear unit with double spindle drive

Double spindle drive and independently movable slides

Units with two independent toothed belts

Double the independence with toothed belt drive

Toothed belt units with rear drive

Linear actuators with Omega drive with a variable motor installation concept

Rotary joints

Flexible solutions for vertical units