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From general mechanical engineering to pharmaceuticals, the range of industry sectors that can benefit from DENSO robots is enormous. These robots streamline processes and optimise procedures and their versatility and highly developed functionality mean they can be used wherever there is a call for robot technology. Whether for simple pick-and-place applications or highly complex tasks and procedures, such as fully automatic production of filled medical syringes, DENSO robots are leading the way in today’s industrial applications.

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4-axes robots (SCARA)

  • The lightest weight in ist class
  • Highly effective vibration damping
  • 0.01 mm repeatability
  • Outstanding perfomance in continuous operation

5/6-axes robots

  • The most compact of its kind
  • Cleanroom class ISO 3 and H2O2
  • 230 VAC power supply 
  • 0.33 second cycle time

Collaborative robot «Cobotta»

  • Only 4 kilograms total weight
  • 0,05 mm repeatability
  • Built-in A/F 2D camera
  • Built-in electric gripper


  • Space saving of 357x300x94mm
  • Two additional axes
  • high-level languages (C++/VB/etc.)
  • Safety class PLe (safety motion)


  • easy to use
  • Create your own panel