Ball valves
A unique range of produtcs

No matter whether it’s gases such as compressed air, nitrogen (N₂), hydrogen (H₂), or liquids such as drinking water, oil, or food products – at Bachofen you will find the perfect solution for shutting off, redirecting, or regulating media flows. In the Bachofen webshop, you will find a wide selection of ball valve types from our partners that are available on demand and can be delivered quickly. Alternatively, our specialists will be there to give you expert advice on request. If desired, they can put together a solution that is tailored to your specific applications using a range of suitable valves, actuators and accessories.

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Two-way ball valves

  • Valve body with threaded, flanged or welded connections
  • Wide range of electric actuators with a variety of options
  • Antistatic version for applications in hazardous environments
  • FDA-certified seals for applications in the food industry

Three-way ball valves

  • 3/3- or 3/2-way valves with T or L port
  • Wide range of actuators with a variety of options
  • Vent valves for compressed air and closing valves

Customised valves

  • Valve body of customer’s choice: ball valve, shut-off valve, ball sector valve and others
  • Actuator of customer’s choice: electric or pneumatic
  • Accessories of customer’s choice: solenoid valve, position indicators, silencer, plugin connections and others