A small company with big clients: air conditioning specialists Airwatech Bern AG

The plant engineering company Airwatech Bern AG proves that size doesn’t matter when it comes to big achievements. With a clear focus on industry-specific applications of air conditioning, refrigeration and humidification technology, this small outfit competes at the highest level.

From cheese …

The air conditioning of a cheese warehouse is a science in itself. The temperature and relative humidity must be exactly right as the cheese matures, or else it may start to sweat or become greasy. Air movements disrupt the process, because the tiny water droplets must evenly envelop the cheese wheels like fog.

… to cannabis …

Completely different conditions are required for cultivating CBD cannabis, a variety that is approved and used for the production of medicinal products: The sensitive plants like it dry, especially when flowering. The humidity should not be more than 48 to 57 percent.

… to research

Botanical gardens and greenhouses run by research institutes have highly differentiated climate requirements. To study the plants, they need cabins in which various climatic conditions can be simulated.

Airwatech Bern AG
Christoph Lehmann, CEO
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Parker's stainless steel solenoid valves ensure the right indoor climate

Special systems for special requirements

The Airwatech team are experts in these areas. For these and other special applications, they develop and design all-round solutions for air conditioning, cooling, air humidification and other climate control functions. A look at the list of references reflects the company’s excellent work. The list includes well-known small and large companies from the Swiss dairy and cheesemaking industries, including Emmi, as well as the botanical gardens of Swiss universities, the Federal Institute of Technology and the federal Agroscope research centres. Even the greenhouses of the Bayer Group in Frankfurt am Main are air-conditioned with systems from the Bern-based experts.

Credibility through expertise and personal commitment

How does a small family business earn a reputation that certain much bigger companies can only dream of? «One reason is certainly the application-specific expertise that we have acquired over the course of time,» says CEO Christoph Lehmann. «In addition, we feel personally responsible for our work. We put a lot of heart and soul into it. That creates trust.»

20 years of cooperation with Bachofen based on trust

The partnership between Airwatech and Bachofen, which has now lasted more than two decades, is also based on a climate of personal trust. In addition to various components, Airwatech often asks Bachofen to supply it at short notice with custom-made Parker stainless steel solenoid valves. These are the result of joint development work in which Bachofen not only provides knowledge of products across different sectors, but also engineering expertise. Christoph Lehmann: «Bachofen is one of our favourite partners. As long as we can count on the technical support and the quality, punctuality and prices are right, it will stay that way.»