Asic Robotics: open to every customer request

There are numerous ways to position a high-tech company in a challenging market environment. The main reason for the success of special machine builder Asic Robotics is that it does almost everything in its own unique way.

There are plenty of special machine builders that develop user-specific solutions based on a standardised platform. There is nothing wrong with this model as long as it resonates with the market. Asic Robotics, an international company specialising in system engineering in the field of industrial automation, consistently takes a different approach. As a matter of principle, it does not offer standardised machine concepts, but develops each system from scratch according to individual customer specifications. Each machine from Asic Robotics is unique, existing only as a one-off. This means that the engineers and designers do not have to pay much attention to specific technologies and suppliers within the customer’s specifications. Instead, they are free to develop the best possible solution for each individual customer.

Customised solutions for a diverse range of industries

The company’s ability to comprehensively meet individual customer requirements allows it to serve a wide range of industries. The customer base includes the automotive, electronics, food and furniture industries, as well as well-known companies from the optical, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, telecommunications, the watchmaking industry and medical technology. Customers particularly appreciate the flexibility of the robot concepts and the high level of process competence that Asic Robotics offers them.

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Milo Gasser, CEO

A well-thought-out concept as the key to winning the contract

Asic Robotics takes a different approach to many of its competitors right from the bidding phase. Instead of trying to win a contract quickly with a superficial sketch and a roughly calculated price, the special machine builder prepares a detailed offer that has been thought through down to the last detail. This meticulous planning saves all parties involved from unpleasant surprises during implementation. Asic Robotics’ customers reward this attitude by remaining loyal to the company. CEO Milo Gasser: «Meeting the agreed deadlines and the quoted prices is our top priority. Customer specifications and our tight capacity planning mean that we are forced to meet project milestones without exception.» In this context, he admits that even Asic Robotics is not spared the fact that time-to-market is getting shorter and shorter.

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The timing must also be right

It goes without saying that the time pressure on the development and realisation process also has an impact on suppliers. «Once the contract is awarded,» says Milo Gasser, «the materials we need must be available to us within a few weeks.» Bachofen works with Asic Robotics primarily as a supply partner for pneumatic accessories. In this area, the special machine builder relies on the Parker Legris Connectic low-pressure range, which is impressive not least because of its flexible and versatile range of applications. Parker Legris products are suitable for applications with compressed air, water and oils and can also be used in the food and chemical industries. Asic Robotics is satisfied with the delivery times and the quality of the pneumatic accessories. The company would like shorter delivery times for the linear guides, which also meet the high quality requirements. Milo Gasser: «We are committed to absolute adherence to delivery dates. So we depend on our supply partners doing everything they can to keep up.»