Long live sustainable energy: Solution provider Energie 360°

We have reached the beginning of the end of fossil fuels. The future will be fuelled by climate-friendly energies based on local renewable sources. Energie 360° is driving this development with sustainable energy and mobility solutions.

The energy supply world is at a crossroads. Environmental sustainability and climate action as well as supply security are the topics dominating energy discussions in politics, economics and society. One company setting the standard for transforming the energy supply in Switzerland is Energie 360°.

Farewell to gas and off to greener pastures

Once a simple supplier to the city gas network, Erdgas Zürich repositioned itself from its affiliation with the municipal authority towards the end of the 1990s: Becoming a public limited company, Erdgas Zürich quickly recognised that the era of gas was coming to an end. It saw the consequences and focussed from that point on producing renewable energy and providing sustainable energy and mobility solutions. As an energy source, gas plays a role in this, primarily in the form of biogas derived from organic waste. Energie 360° has set itself the goal of supplying only renewable energy by 2040, which is an important step in making Switzerland climate-neutral.

Comprehensive portfolio of sustainable solutions and services

Central to this are ecologically sustainable and yet profitable energy systems for commercial clients, the planning and formation of energy networks, maintenance of gas, water and heating distribution networks or the installation and operation of charging infrastructures for electric cars. These are accompanied by a broad spectrum of associated services.

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Plate heat exchangers from Alfa Laval are used at Delica AG.
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Sustainability clearly understood

Sustainability is not an abstract concept for Energie 360°, but a clear guideline for commercial transactions. Longevity, cost effectiveness, environmental friendliness and reliability are the guidelines. Suppliers have to meet these requirements as well. Sustainable procurement is what counts. That means products and services must fulfil high ecological, economic and social standards across the entire life cycle, as is the case at Bachofen.

Bachofen as an expert partner on the path to energy sustainability

Energie 360° procures Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers from Bachofen. These stainless steel products from Bachofen’s well-respected technology partners excel in their durability and high energy efficiency and therefore fit perfectly with the aims of Energie 360° in sustainability.

Energie 360° is using heat exchangers as part of an energy solution for food manufacturer Delica AG and is being supported by Bachofen in the calculations for the design. Project Manager Miroslav Cordarov says: “Bachofen knows building technology well and guarantees that their product selection we use brings the exact benefits, which we expect. Along with the solution-oriented expertise and support in evaluating suitable product types, this makes procurement significantly easier.”