Bringing bright light with minimal heat generation to the darkness of the cyclone

The initial situation

The cyclone in Gema plants enables colours to be changed rapidly, increasing process efficiency. The system needs to be cleaned manually before the colour is changed. Good illumination is essential for achieving an immaculate clean. The maintenance staff had previously been using bulky torches, which was less than ideal. For that reason, Gema began searching for a compelling lighting solution.

Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

The Bachofen specialists closely examined the specific requirements of the application and recommended that the Gema engineers opt for the WL50 light from Bachofen technology partner Banner, as this light has been specially developed for industrial applications in confined spaces. This light completely illuminates the interior of the cyclone. It is mounted on a swivel arm and can be easily moved into the correct position by the maintenance technician. The LED technology ensures a high light output. The heat of the lamp also does not exceed 30°C, preventing the powder in the cyclone from being baked onto the lamp. Gema appreciated Bachofen’s commitment to providing technical expertise and was highly satisfied with the fast delivery and fair price.

Fotoreihe bei Gema AG, mit der Banner Leuchte, die an einem Schwenkarm befestigt ist. Eine Hand ist abgebildet, die die Lampe anschaltet.