Ewon Netbiter Gateway – the key to future of energy

The initial situation

The customer is implementing a power-to-gas pilot project for Rheinische Netzgesellschaft in the Cologne area for an existing network of 100 residential units. This technology promises a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply. Electricity from renewable sources is converted into hydrogen and fed into the existing natural gas grid. This process requires reliable and constant monitoring – ideally by an operator working remotely.

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The Ewon Netbiter gateway (with antenna) impresses across the board with reliability, precision and safety.

Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

The specialists at Bachofen quickly realised that for protected, cloud-based data access, they could rely on the Ewon Netbiter gateway. The data gateway from our technology partner HMS is impressive in every respect, offering reliability, precision and security. Bachofen assisted the designers during a smooth and rapid implementation in the network. A close-meshed network of 32 data gateways monitor the plant status and operating condition remotely via PC, smartphone or tablet – at any time, around the clock. Time-consuming and expensive on-site visits for maintenance or service are permanently reduced. Power-to-gas is climate-friendly and renewable, making it key to the future of energy – not least thanks to Ewon’s data gateway.