Top-class injection moulding technology from Glarus: NETSTAL Maschinen AG

The canton of Glarus is up in the mountains away from Switzerland’s major cities, but is home to leading technology companies with a worldwide reputation. One of them is NETSTAL Maschinen AG, which has been manufacturing high-precision injection moulding machines for 75 years.

Glarus is a popular destination for hikers and alpine sports enthusiasts from the lowlands. So it may come as a surprise that it is one of Switzerland’s most industrialised cantons, with almost every village in the valleys surrounded by small and large industrial enterprises. In total, they employ roughly 8,000 people. Around 450 of them work for one of the largest private employers in the canton: NETSTAL Maschinen AG, which specialises in injection moulding technology.

The world leader in injection moulding technology

The machine manufacturer’s systems are characterised by extremely high throughput speeds, uncompromising precision and maximum reliability. The developers’ latest brainchild is the new PET-LINE, the most modern and powerful preform machine in the world, which sets new standards in the processing of rPET (recycled PET) as well as energy efficiency. Preforms are PET blanks that are blown into PET bottles for the beverage industry. Every year, around the world more than 60 billion litres of water are filled into bottles whose preforms were produced on NETSTAL machines. Another showcase system from Glarus is the ELIOS injection moulding machine for producing thin-wall packaging. Its highlights include a clamping force of up to 1,000 tons, extremely short drying cycles and record-breakingly low energy consumption.

THK – what else!

For more than 20 years, the developers and designers of NETSTAL Maschinen AG have been working continuously and extremely successfully with Bachofen – and for the last 15 years they have been using only THK linear guides in all their systems. “With its unique ball chain technology, THK meets our high requirements for running precision, reliability and durability,” explains clamping unit team leader Marcel Hautle: “We see absolutely no reason to look at any other product.”

Netstal Maschinen AG
The PET-LINE sets new standards and is considered the most modern and powerful preform machine in the world.
NETSTAL Maschinen AG

Bachofen as a development partner …

The man in charge of the clamping units of NETSTAL machines also has words of praise for Bachofen’s professional technical support and flexibility. “We have maintained a close, innovation-driven cooperation with the experts from Bachofen for many years, which contributes significantly to the competitiveness of our machines.”

… and reliable supporter

The company’s engineers and purchasers also place great importance on their suppliers’ ability to deliver and meet deadlines – an even greater challenge with the current disruption to supply chains. Bachofen meets these expectations with logistical support that focuses on stocking the numerous THK types required by NETSTAL. This provides ideal conditions for responding flexibly and quickly to the machine manufacturer’s wishes.