Regloplas temperature control units are a hot tip – worldwide

The renowned manufacturer of temperature control units has a clear ambition: Regloplas strives for technology leadership. The way to achieve this is through continuous innovation based on ingenuity and over 50 years of experience.

In some industries, production really brings the heat. One example is the production of injection-moulded and die-cast parts, which takes place at high temperatures. For this reason, leading companies in the plastics and die-casting industry all over the world have for many years been relying on temperature control units from the Swiss manufacturer Regloplas in order to prevent their equipment from overheating. The innovative flow and pump pressure control system, which has been developed to the highest levels by this highly specialised company, reduces the number of production plant rejects and significantly extends the service life of the moulds.

Energy-optimised temperature control solutions

A high-quality temperature control unit from Regloplas is therefore an investment that has a direct impact on the economic efficiency of production and significantly increases process reliability in the high-temperature range. Using state-of-the-art technology ensures optimum energy management. This reduces costs for the company’s customers and protects the environment. Every temperature control process requires individual, tailor-made solutions. At Regloplas, these are developed in close contact with the customer and are tailored to the specific requirements of the application in question.

Innovation as a continuous process

Success is no accident. Regloplas is constantly investing in research and development. Ambitious customer concepts when it comes to cooling and heating performance motivate the development engineers at the temperature control specialist to break new ground and make the seemingly impossible possible. A key factor in the marketability of Regloplas units is their ability to be integrated into higher-level production systems. They need to be compatible with other system components and therefore have flexible and easily accessible interfaces. This requirement has prompted Regloplas to give the entire range of units a new, uniform design. In this way, the company has elegantly solved the interface issue and made the units fit for every customer application.

Simon Kiebler Leiter technischer Einkauf
Simon Kiebler, Head of Technical Purchasing
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Relationship management on an equal footing

An innovative company like Regloplas needs partners who can not only keep up, but also get involved proactively in the continuous innovation process. Head of Purchasing Simon Kiebler: «Anyone who wants to work with us has to make an effort. As time goes on, we are constantly faced with new things that we have to deal with together.»

One example of this is the strategic development partnership currently ongoing with Bachofen. This is aimed at preparing Regloplas’ market entry into the aircraft industry.

Regloplas has been working with Bachofen for decades. Whereas Regloplas once purchased individual components from Bachofen, for some time now they have been purchasing jointly developed complete valve blocks, which are built by Bachofen. However, this is no routine cooperation. Innovative power and highly qualified fluid technology engineering go into every assembly. Of course, the basics must also be right for Regloplas: quality, delivery performance and, of course, the price.

Simon Kiebler gives Bachofen top marks and describes the company as an «A+ supplier». We are always pleased to receive compliments, but this is no reason to rest on our laurels.