CHF 60,000 per year saved by using the right sealing heads

The initial situation

Two steam cookers are in use in production at Ricola. A heated stirrer sealed with sealing heads is attached to them. Sealing heads also guarantee an optimal flow on the conveyor belt on which the Ricola mixture is processed using a heated roller. The service life of the sealing heads currently used is just under a month, which means a substantial maintenance outlay; they are also expensive.

Project requirements

Bachofen’s solution

After just one month, following an analysis by Bachofen’s development team, the first two new sealing heads from Maier were delivered to Ricola. The sealing heads can be exchanged 1:1 on the conveyor belt, as specified. The steam cookers require minor adjustments to the mounting attachment.

After a test phase, Ricola took stock: The service life of the new sealing heads is six times longer than that of the old models. Additionally, thanks to Bachofen’s attractive conditions, the Maier sealing heads can be procured 30% more cheaply than the predecessor models.

Bachofen’s solution enables savings of up to CHF 60,000 per year, as a result of lower maintenance outlay, lower consumption of sealing heads and cheaper spare-parts procurement.