Cleanroom specialist SKAN – a shining example in isolator construction

There is barely any other industry that places such high demands on its suppliers as the pharmaceutical industry. Equipment partners who want to be active in this market have to be more than system manufacturers. At SKAN AG, the scientists have an influential say. 

Normally, it is engineers who call the shots in the development of machines and systems. And that is also true at SKAN AG. But the company, which specialises in cleanroom equipment and isolator construction for pharmaceutical applications, differs from conventional system manufacturers in one important respect: it has an in-house laboratory and a team of scientists who analyse customers’ processes and work closely with them to develop solutions precisely tailored to their specific requirements. This concept has allowed SKAN to establish itself at the forefront of the global market. SKAN’s aseptic/toxic isolators, which are used for the sterile processing of medicines, are the undisputed market leaders.

Conformity to norms and agility as success factors

The company, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2018, is one of the pioneers in its fields of activity and has grown over the decades to meet the ever increasing demands of the pharmaceutical industry. It keeps pace with the increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and is agile enough to respond quickly to changes in its customers’ markets.

Individual solutions through science-based engineering

SKAN AG’s products are mainly the result of development work. The share contributed by engineering is around 70 per cent. Aseptic/toxic isolators from SKAN fully comply with the GMP standards applicable in cleanroom technology and meet customers’ increasing need for flexibility. Whereas in the past medicines were mainly filled on high-performance lines in correspondingly large quantities, the trend today is clearly for smaller batches. This calls for flexible systems that can cope with this demand and help users to remain competitive.

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An isolator with the characteristic gloveboxes. Banner LED lights supplied by Bachofen ensure optimum lighting conditions when working.
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Matthias Hauber, Project Manager Industry

Industry and process knowledge are also indispensable for supply partners

The pressure from regulators and the market is fully transferred to SKAN’s suppliers. Bachofen is good at dealing with this challenge: in-depth knowledge of the framework conditions in medical technology, industry knowledge and a wide range of components that meet the approval conditions make Bachofen a competent partner for SKAN’s engineers to consult with on an equal footing.

Bachofen as a partner for automation and networking

Bachofen supports the isolator manufacturers with components from renowned technology partners such as Banner, Barksdale, EGE, Parker, Turck, and many more. The latest procurement decision related to LED lighting. The decision went in favour of Banner’s smart LED technology, which is characterised by multifunctionality and integration capability. However, it was not only the product that was convincing, but also the tidy cabling: an important advantage that was immediately apparent to the designers at SKAN.