Building insulation is a hot topic: swisspor keeps it tight

Energy transition, CO2 reduction, 2,000-watt society – in the field of building insulation, much has already been achieved on the way to the highest possible energy efficiency. Not least thanks to advanced insulation technology from swisspor. 

For over 40 years, the swisspor Group has been one of the pacemakers in the development of insulation materials for the thermal insulation and sealing of building envelopes. Hardly any other company has comparable skills and experience in this area. The research and development departments at swisspor are constantly working to further improve the energy and ecological balance of building envelopes.

Experts on energy-efficient building envelopes

At the swisspor Romandie SA plant in Châtel-St-Denis, production focuses on rigid foam insulation boards made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). This material is characterised by its extremely good insulation values and excellent physical properties. These products for the all-round insulation of new buildings or for renovations incorporate the comprehensive know-how that has made swisspor the Swiss market leader in building insulation. The boards are manufactured on state-of-the-art machinery and in compliance with strict environmental specifications. Production is continuously monitored by the internal laboratory and by external testing bodies.

Proximity to the customer right up to the construction site

However, a top product alone is not enough to survive in the fiercely competitive market of building insulation in Switzerland. swisspor Romandie offers services that provide measurable added value for customers in the construction industry: expert employees advise master builders, architects, engineering offices and building owners on the planning of economically, technically and ecologically convincing insulation solutions. Sophisticated logistics ensure that orders received by midday arrive at the construction site within 24 hours. swisspor experts provide advisory support to the construction specialists on site during the installation of the insulation.

Pneumatisch betätigte Absperrklappen von Bachofen steuern die Zufuhr von Heissluft in der Produktion der Hartschaum-Isolationsplatten.
Pneumatically operated butterfly valves from Bachofen control the supply of hot air in the production of rigid foam insulation boards.
Darko Paunovic, TS-Techniker swisspor Romandie SA
Darko Paunovic, TS technician
Bachofen as a valued engineering partner

It is a basic principle of swisspor Romandie to help the customer by offering competent advice and goal-oriented suggestions. And this is precisely what the building insulation specialist also expects from its suppliers. «We don’t want to talk to salespeople, we want to have a solution-oriented dialogue with engineering partners,» explains TS technician Darko Paunovic. This dialogue with Bachofen is certainly something he values greatly when it comes to technically challenging issues.

Added value through durability

For example, they engaged in close, constructive cooperation to assess the best possible solution for the precise regulation of the steam flow in the production plant. This was ultimately based on the use of electronically controlled butterfly valves in conjunction with pressure sensors from Barksdale. The decision was taken not to use the most cost-effective option, but the most sustainable one. «Long-term functional reliability,» says Darko Paunovic, «is more important to us than the short-term price advantage.»