Sylvac Precision measurement technology – streets ahead with digitalisation

Digitalisation is the hot new topic of the moment. Some companies, however, have been living in the digital age for a while now. These include Sylvac SA, a family-owned company specialising in future-oriented measurement technology. 

According to one industry expert, manufacturers of measuring devices tend to be rather old-fashioned. Measurement technology specialist Sylvac SA, based in western Switzerland, is the exception to the rule. The French-speaking Swiss company is continuously advancing the development of measurement technology in the field of dimensional measurements*.

From measuring device with digital interface to intelligent system

Digitalisation is ever present in Sylvac’s product ranges. «We have already been developing and producing digital measuring devices for many years,» says Managing Director Eric Schnyder, «so Industry 4.0 is not just a futuristic dream for us, but reality.» In fact, measuring devices in modern quality control have long since ceased to be solely for recording measurement data. Rather, Sylvac products are communication-enabled systems that can be networked with machines and processes both with cables and wirelessly.

Consistent use of digital communication technologies

Wireless technologies such as WiFi, Ethernet and Bluetooth® mean that the measuring devices can be controlled using a smartphone or tablet and the collected digital measurement data made available in real time for further processing. Measurement data no longer need to be noted down in a process prone to error, but are instead transmitted directly to the database. With state-of-the-art hardware, user-friendly software programs and smart apps, Sylvac positions itself as a solution provider that is ahead of the game.

Die THK Linearführungen werden von Frau Neukomm, Team Leader Bancs de mesure bei Sylvac, in der Prüfstandsäule ausgerichtet. Sie ermöglichen Bewegungen unter höchsten Präzisionsanforderungen.
The THK linear guides are aligned in the test stand column by Ms Neukomm, Team Leader for test benches at Sylvac. They enable movements under the highest precision requirements.
Eric Schnyder, Geschäftsführer Sylvac SA
Eric Schnyder, CEO

Increasing productivity in quality assurance

A prime example of the company’s innovative capacity is the new Sylvac Scan F60, a system for the precise optical measurement of cylindrical parts. This meets all the requirements for making quality control even more efficient. Measuring a complex shaped part is done with a single keystroke and takes less than three seconds. The detailed measurement results and a dynamic 3D display appear in real time on the connected screen and can be evaluated immediately. In order to process the data, Sylvac provides software tailored to customer-specific requirements.

Staying on the ball with efficient partners

A special feature of the Sylvac Scan F60 is the sophisticated tilting system for the camera, which significantly speeds up the measurement of threads. This is where Bachofen comes in: Bachofen supported Sylvac’s designers in the technical design of the system and supplied the THK cross roller bearings required for the tilting device. «We need partners like Bachofen who understand what digital transformation means,» says Eric Schnyder, «that’s the only way we can stay innovative.»

*Measurement techniques for determining lengths, distances, areas and volumes as well as plane angles and solid angles.