Valve technology in confined spaces – small wins

The initial situation

As part of the expansion of the Bubendorf production site, existing premises will be converted into production cells. During the planning of the plant, it has become apparent that the control valves from the main supplier take up a lot of space. Since the optimal utilisation of space is essential for this project, plant planners were looking for a smaller product.

Anlage bei Bachem, ersichtlich sind drei Gleitschieberventile von Schubert & Salzer
Space-saving Schubert & Salzer sliding gate valves in the tight-fitting Bachem AG plant.
Mitarbeiter von Bachem steht vor Anlage und berührt das Schubert & Salzer Ventil
Martin Bucher

Projects requirements

Bachofen’s solution

Since Bachem has already had good experiences with Bachofen in other areas, plant planners approached the Bachofen specialists with the current valve issue. The Type 8021/8040 sliding gate valves from Bachofen technology partner Schubert & Salzer offer a solution that fully meets the requirement criteria: The high-precision components are small in size, require little maintenance and can withstand high pressure. They are installed in the heating/cooling circuits of process plants. The valves are compatible with the Siemens positioners preferred by Bachem, meaning that the product recommended by Bachofen also fulfils this important customer requirement.

« The valves combine minimal space requirements with maximum performance. A perfect solution for us. »

Martin Bucher, Senior Project Manager Engineering, Bachem AG- Developer

The customer

The globally active company Bachem AG in Bubendorf in Basel-Country, Switzerland develops and produces peptides and other active pharmaceutical ingredients that are mainly used in cancer research, vaccine development and diabetes treatment.

Technology partner